Minimalism has a wealth of benefits- one of those is that you can live a cleaner existence if you adopt this lifestyle. So if your desire is to have a cleaner home, simple living could be a way for you to achieve this… here’s why.

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Less stuff means less to clean: And if you have less to move around and clean you are more likely to clean. There is nothing more off putting when you need to flick a duster than having to move twenty ornaments to get to your surface first. If you can glide a cloth across all your surfaces without having to move stuff around and push your hoover to all the corners of your floor without the need to move great piles of junk- cleaning becomes a quick and easy task. 

Dirt shows up more in a minimal space: When dirt strikes in a clutter free space, you can see it- it sticks out like a sore thumb so you are more likely to address it when it appears rather than leaving it for another time. Dirt in a space that is overrun with things tends to become insignificant because there are other to-dos fighting for your attention. 

Minimal cleaning solutions are less intimidating: With a minimalist life, comes a desire to pare down products. When one thing can do the job of several this is a minimalist’s dream and this can extend to your cleaning routine too. If you have one bottle of multi-purpose cleaner instead of a toilet cleaner, a shower cleaner, an oven cleaner, a kitchen surface cleaner and so on and so forth- you are more likely to pick up the one bottle rather than hunt through many to find what you need. Cleaning won’t seem so much of a chore if you keep it simple and have one bottle for a multitude of jobs.   

Little and often approach: Most minimalists want to live a life full of experiences rather than a life full of cleaning- so to follow this lifestyle helps you to put things into perspective. A little and often approach will free you up to do the things you really want to and not be a slave to cleaning your belongings at home. Think about it- half an hour each day is far better than taking up one whole day of your weekend to do it all in one go. What else could you do with that time?

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You might learn to enjoy the cleaning you do: If there is less stuff to tidy away pre-clean, fewer items to move during cleaning and fewer items to put away post cleaning- you may find that it becomes something you look forward to. Resetting your space might have a whole new meaning and you may see it differently if it’s not such a negative experience.

You may take more pride in your space: If you take the time to pare down your items to only the ones you find beautiful and those that are useful, you are bound to have more affection for your home. With that comes a pride in keeping those items showcased and clean. You may find that cleaning becomes a pleasurable part of your day because you have more of an attachment to your space than you did before. 

If you often wish you were anywhere else but at home- give minimalism a try and you might find great joy from your space.  

Minimal chores: The less you own, the fewer chores you have to do. For instance, if you get rid of all your plants, you no longer have to water them or clean up soil that spills from the pot. If you purge your home of a piece of furniture, you don’t have to clean it anymore. If you move to a capsule wardrobe, the less laundry you have to do and if you decide to swap to a Kindle you don’t have to dust all your books. You get the idea- think about the time you currently dedicate to cleaning clothes, furniture or decorative items and imagine what life would be like if you no longer had to worry about them anymore. It’s freeing isn’t it?! 

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