Minimalism has many benefits for mums, so here are just a few reasons the lifestyle is fitting for this period in a woman's life.

You can spend time in the park instead of at home

You can spend time in the park instead of at home

It helps with baby blues- When you are exhausted from giving your all as a mother, the last thing you need is to look around and be unhappy with your space. Minimalism helps to naturally keep your home tidy because there isn’t a lot of stuff to create chaos. An uncluttered room can help to keep you uplifted in darker times.

There is less stuff to clean- There is still a house to run even when there is a little one around- which includes cleaning. The less things you need to navigate around to clean means the less cleaning you have to do- which includes laundry and dishes too.

It saves you money- The less things you buy for your baby the more money you save. I am in no way encouraging you to deprive your baby of basic items but on the whole- babies receive far more than they can use. Buying them only items that will be useful will hugely cut down on the excess expense.

There are fewer dangers in your home- The less things you have, the fewer items can fall on your baby, act as an obstacle while they are learning to crawl and walk or pose as a danger when they are getting to grips with sitting up unaided. Babies are prone to bumps and scrapes so if your home is mostly filled with clear spaces this will reduce the likelihood of any accidents.

You spend more time on what actually matters- Time with your baby is far more precious than time spent dealing with stuff whether that is cleaning, tidying, sorting or organizing it. You will have fonder memories of those first few months if it’s spent wisely.

Babies don’t need much- Babies NEED love, attention and care- they don’t need the latest baby gadget or fancy outfit. Minimalism is more in line with what a baby needs because it helps mothers to focus less on the aesthetics and more on the experience of motherhood by investing time and energy with their baby.

It helps other mums and babies- By donating things your baby no longer uses and unwanted gifts- it helps other families who might not have the resources to acquire clothes, toys and books for their child with ease.

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