A home emergency might bring to mind images of burst pipes or a broken window, but this is not the case according to new research. 

Home and Garden on Female First

Home and Garden on Female First

RatedPeople.com has found that at least once a month 37 per cent of tradesmen find themselves called out for far more unusual “emergencies” including releasing people hand-cuffed to pipes and bedposts or helping to change a light bulb.

In fact, 1 in 10 tradesmen admitted to finding themselves facing these situations on a weekly basis.

Rebecca Rowlands from Oakfield Home Improvements Ltd, a member of RatedPeople.com commented: “I get calls to provide a quotation for all manner of home improvements ranging from large extensions and loft conversions to the smallest of jobs like fixing a shelf.

“I have found that some customers just lack the confidence to attempt these small types of jobs. Once they have called us in and often watched us carry out the repair or installation, you can see they are thinking "oh I could have done that!"

“Many of my customers simply don't have the time to carry out the smallest of home improvements these days due to hectic work schedules. 

“I would always encourage customers to tackle the smaller home improvements such as hanging a picture etc. You Tube is a fab tool for guidance and advice on most small jobs and the sense of achievement at the end is well worth the effort.”  

Top 10 jobs homeowners can do themselves

Clean out their gutters – all you need is a leaf blower, a pair of gloves and some bin bags to hide the evidence. As simple tasks go, this couldn’t be simpler. Only call in the experts if you’re scared of heights.

Put up a picture – the only difficulty with hanging a picture is if you’re drilling a hole for a new hook. Unless you’re worried about electrocuting yourself, there’s really no need to hire anyone to do this.

Sand and paint woodwork – sanding is a hugely therapeutic practice and a great work out. All you need to do is lay out some plastic sheeting to collect the shavings and apply the paint.

Decorate – putting up wallpaper is a skill but one anyone can master. Try it yourself first and only call in the experts if you’re struggling.

Re-grout a bathroom or kitchens tiles – Re-grouting tiles is a simple task that can be done in a small amount of time. The only part that takes time is the curing of the grout. All you need is some grout mix and a couple easy to use tools.

Put up a shelf – hanging a shelf shouldn’t take you more than an hour and if you’re buying from a DIY store, your materials purchase will come with a set of simple instructions.

Clean out gullies – a simple unblocking task that is vital to maintaining your drains. Clean if necessary but all you really need is your hands.

Build self-assembly furniture – just follow the instructions and be patient. It’s not rocket science and they are designed to be built by anyone.

Change a door handle – invest in an electric drill, make sure you have all the right screws and fittings and have a blast.

Clean paths or driveways of moss with a power washer – the only difficulty this presents is the time it takes to get done. Anyone can do it. It’s just a matter of having the right equipment, which you can easily hire for a much lower cost.

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