Life is busy and hard and so is raising children. Doing this alone and juggling work, school and daily life can become increasingly overwhelming.

We are pro multi-taskers! Photo credit: MBI / Alamy

We are pro multi-taskers! Photo credit: MBI / Alamy

It’s a lot for two parent families, after all, they say it takes a village to raise kids. But what happens if it’s just you. One parent - playing the role of both mum and dad - how do you do it all?

Question is – Should you have to do it all?

Moderation is key! Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither was completing the never-ending to-do list.

Stop with the added pressure and let’s get organised. Small baby steps is the way forward.

Feeling in control can do wonders for your mental and physical health and will have you thriving and glowing in no time at all. Making this your priority is imperative to maintaining a clear mind and to de-clutter the nonsense. Here’s how:


First things first, a diary will become your best friend. Having this at hand will make a dramatic difference to your week. Knowing what the week ahead entails and being aware of any appointments, work commitments, school events will help to shape an organised outlook. You can then see what days and times you have ‘available’ to tackle the other tasks that need completing. It’s all about having fun too – rather than seeing all the jobs as an inconvenience – realise that by making a clear plan of action can actually free up some time where you can finally get to enjoy a warm cup of tea for once! If owning a planner is alien to you, fear not! Once you recognise the benefits and get into the swing of things, you’ll be like a duck to water and wonder how you ever got through life without one.

Assign a job a day

I find issuing a cleaning job a day makes it less demanding and less time consuming. At the beginning of the week put together a ‘cleaning chart’ and identify what can be a daily cleaning task and what chores can be completed on a two-weekly or monthly basis. You’ll get to a position in which rooms won’t require a ‘deep clean’ each time you get around to it, meaning you’ll spend less time cleaning and have more time for you and the kids. Cleaning products can impact how effective you clean; a favourite of mine is antibacterial wipes. They are ideal to quickly wipe down worktops before I start cooking and great for cleaning my sons’ belongings. My go-to is Zoflora’s antibacterial cleaning wipes as they are convenient and smell amazing! Remember, having kids means your house will never be immaculate, so instil this into your mind and embrace it. Personally, when my home is clean and tidy (to a standard that says ‘a two-year-old lives here’), and I can light a candle at the end of the day, makes me feel accomplished and I can think clearer. This in general sparks a positive mind frame and pushes me to do more and I actually want to get other things done.

Zoflora antibacterial wipes have developed three new fragrances: Lemon Zing, Midnight Blooms and Rhubarb & Cassis which are available to buy now.

Daily Lists

Similar to your planner, writing a daily list of to-dos will help you effectively function and see you tackling the jobs like a pro. Having a visual of jobs will help you prioritise the essentials – some things can wait! You may find you have duplicate chores each day, but such is life with kids. This can also work to your advantage as you will instinctively start to do jobs you’ve been putting off and become more proactive and quicker at completing them.

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Use nap time wisely

If your kids are still in the nap stage, use this time to get organised! Okay, we’ve all been there, the baby finally goes off to the land of nod and you find yourself having ‘5 minutes’ laying on the bed, next thing you know, you’ve fallen asleep too. Trust me when I say it’s easier said than done. But using this time to tackle mundane jobs that you’ve been putting off for what feels like forever will leave you with a spring in your step. Once you feel in a more positive mind frame and you are on top of your to-do list, then why not join the baby and get some shut eye – you deserve it after all!

Prep the night before

Initially, you may find that you struggle for time throughout the day. Don’t worry and stress yourself out. Once you’ve done the bedtime routine, put aside 20-30 minutes for ‘saver jobs’ that will help first thing in the morning. By this, I mean, preparing school lunches the night before, ironing school uniforms and work attire, small things with make a big difference to your morning. Having a stress-free morning can set the precedence for the rest of your day.

Get the kids involved

Why not get the kids to help too?! Okay, so their age will dictate what they can and can’t do but what better way to instil this life skill? By giving your children a weekly chore, it will provide the foundations for adulthood and give them an appreciation of things that need doing, which aren’t just done magically. If the kids need some encouragement, try adding a chore chart which they can revert to. When they have completed their assigned task, a small reward, if you can facilitate will work wonders!

Listen to your body

Being organised and bossing life feels amazing but let’s be realistic – raising kids on your own is hard! We all have ‘off’ days and sometimes we can feel deflated and disheartened. Remember, this is absolutely normal, we are only human at the end of the day. If you are feeling like life is getting a tad too much then listen to your body – have a rest day, be lazy, embrace a PJ day with the kids. Your body knows best. Remember, it’s all about how you get back on the horse, and following these simple steps will maintain a steady and successful family home.

Written by Laura, who you can follow on Twitter, @LauraJadeC20

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