If you loathe cleaning but enjoy a dust and dirt free home, here are some ways you can reduce the time you spend on resetting your space. 

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Have less stuff: It’s the easiest way to reduce the amount of time you spend on cleaning. Declutter each of your spaces and the notice instantly how much faster you can get your chores done. There will be fewer ornaments you need to move to dust your surfaces, you won’t have to tidy away as many toys before you vacuum and there won’t be as many appliances on your kitchen worktops if you want to reach the splashbacks. 

I would highly recommend you watch some clean with me videos on YouTube from minimalist content makers. See how quickly they are able to get their space back to looking presentable and it’s all because they choose to have less stuff to move around before getting their weekly jobs done. We like this one by Ashlynne Eaton...

Reduce the amount of cleaning supplies you own: There are plenty of multipurpose cleaners on the market right now that can be used to clean bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchens, hallways, dining and living areas. So rather than having specific cleaners for every job, try out a multipurpose option and see how many things you can clean with just this one product. You might want to supplement it with one or two things like bleach for the toilet and some glass cleaner, but you really don’t need specialised cleaners for the oven, the shower, the fridge, the bath and so on and so forth. As long as whatever you are using eliminates germs, you are good to go. 

Do something small each day: If you don’t want one of your weekend days to be taken up by cleaning, do things little and often and you won’t have to dedicate a huge chunk of time to getting your home back up to scratch. Do one room thoroughly each day, which may take you half an hour, but is worth it to save you from doing it all in one go. This is what my personal cleaning rota looks like: 

Monday: Kitchen 

Tuesday: Bathroom

Wednesday: Bedrooms

Thursday: Living Room 

Friday: Study 

Saturday: Hallway and stairs 

Sunday: Wash bedding and towels 

There are of course things I do every day like wipe down my kitchen counters and hoover as my two year old creates a lot of mess, but other than that this system works fine and gives me my Saturday back! 

Clean your cleaners: Your dishwasher and washing machine need to be cleaned or they won’t do their best work on your dishes and clothes. I personally give each one a deep clean on the first of every month. If you don’t take care of these machines and dirt builds up- they may break and need to be repaired or replaced. This means your washing and dishes will mount up, leaving you with a huge backlog. Be kind to them and they will work for you for years to come and you can keep on top of those jobs. 

Put things away as you use them: Another thing that prolongs cleaning is having to tidy first. Make sure you set a good example to your children (if you have them) by putting your clothes in the washing basket and your laundry away once it’s clean, your shoes away once you enter your home and hang your coat up too. These small tasks that take very little time at all will mean once you come to clean, you don’t have to start putting items away before you’ve had a chance to flick a duster. 

Declutter as you go: Have a designated box in your home for things that you want to donate to charity so when you spot something you want to get rid of, you can put it in there right away. This prevents you from having to do a huge spring, summer, autumn or winter clean in your home because you are keeping on top of it as you become aware of these items. Once the box is full, take it straight to the donation centre and start all over again. 

Deal with little things as they happen: Wipe down your kitchen counters as they get dirty, hoover up any mess your kids make, throw some bleach down your toilet each night. Don’t wait until your designated day if the task will take you 30 seconds- you will only make the job longer and harder for yourself once it comes around to doing the entire room. 

Bonus: Invest in cleaners you enjoy using: Or cleaners that are easy to transport around your home. My cordless vacuum is one of the best things we have ever purchased because it’s lightweight, it’s so easy to carry upstairs and I can take it off it’s charging station for a super fast vacuum if the house needs a touch up. I still enjoy hoovering even after a year of having it, so find something that makes cleaning a little more bearable and it won’t feel as much like work! 

So there we have it- just a few things I rely on to keep on top of my home because who wants to spend all their time cleaning?!

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