Daily Horoscope

Don’t be afraid to go somewhere new and to do something different.

You of all signs should know how important it is to have some ‘me’ time, especially after all this month has put upon you so far.

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Weekly Horoscope

It’s time to show the world what you’re made of and to stop accepting second best.

I can see from your stars that life has not been easy for you of late, but I also know that you were growing tired of what was quite clearly becoming a very stale situation.

A fresh face in your working world links to your future in more ways than you could possibly imagine.

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Monthly Horoscope

This month is very much about you finding out more about who you are.

You spent much of April mimicking the behaviour and actions of others, but now you are back in the driving seat and you are ready, willing and able to make the best of your traits and characteristics.

Things you attempt at the beginning of the month may be met with opposition, but try again and you will soon discover that it was only a matter of you making those involved realize how important what you were asking really was.

Invest in your appearance over the coming weeks it can make all the difference to opportunities.

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