Daily Horoscope

Try to be your own guide in life and make up your own rules.

For too long this year you have been living your life according to others’ standards.

Remember you’re a water sign.

Do things your way and don’t be pushed into things which aren’t ‘you.

’ Ring for clarity

Weekly Horoscope

Are you really interested in a current character who is influencing your life? Or are you just bored and they happen to be there? Only you can answer this question Sagittarius, but try to remember that you are a high maintenance sign no matter what others say.

You want the best so accept that and nothing less.

You give as well as take so you’re worth it.

Ring now for a long-term view of love.

Monthly Horoscope

There is a really cheeky air to your chart, which could make it hard for you not to fall out with those you have only just made up with.

Try to work on saying things which will build those around you up, rather than break them down.

It’s the key to you ensuring that you don’t undo the hard work you put into life at the end of April.

Your health comes to the fore from the 14th and you begin to see with ease what needs to be done to take better care of yourself.

Phone calls and text messages can get you both in and out of trouble, so think before you press send.

Ring now to make sense of mixed words.