A new year means plenty of new fashion trends to discover. While it still remains to be seen if any of these take off, the current styles from major designers indicate that a flashback to just a couple short decades ago is well in the works. Here are eight fashion trends to pay attention to in 2022.

2022 trends Baggie Trousers & bare midriffs

2022 trends Baggie Trousers & bare midriffs

1. Key Luxury Clothing Pieces

The first fashion trend you need to know for the coming year is the inclusion of key luxury clothing pieces. After a rough couple of years, most people still want to add a little indulgence to their everyday life.

Think wardrobe options like silk pajamas, scarves, cashmere sweaters, and other accessories made from luxe fabrics. Additionally, sequins and other adornments are also popping up in more surprising places like on waistbands and pockets.

How do you incorporate this trend? Find items that speak to you and really make you feel comfortable, cozy, or uplifted.

2. Exposed Midriffs

If recently spotted designs on the catwalk are any indication, exposed midriffs are going to be a big deal in the coming year.

And it doesn’t matter what angle you take it from—workwear with a 60s bright yellow pencil skirt, a cotton crop top with cutoffs, or even athleticwear. Showing a little bare skin is back in for the first time in a while.

While this look certainly isn’t for everybody, designers have created options for a wide range of body types. This means it is perfectly acceptable to dress more daring as long as you feel comfortable doing so.

3. Bold and Bright Colors

When it comes to fashion trends of 2022, color is a big deal. Hues like hot pink, canary yellow, and scarlet red are all slated to make their way to retail racks within the next few months.

The fun part about this trend is that it really gives you a chance to make a statement about your personal sense of fashion and individual look.

And, while it is too soon to anticipate what hues are going to be super hot in late-2022, there’s a good chance to assume it won’t be too monochromatic or include shades of gray. Fashion these days is all about bringing in that pop of color symbolizing happiness and exuding personality.

4. Neck Ties as Unisex Accessories

Another popular fashion trend expected for 2022 is neck ties as unisex accessories in a variety of colors and prints.

This accessory was all over the fashion runways lately, with styles ranging from sleek men’s business ties on women to flirty bows made from silk. There are even styles that mimic the thin design worn in the late 1990s by a myriad of pop starlets.

Not sure you’re ready to take the leap into this trend? Opt for pairing just one tie in black or gray with your favorite outfit. If you like the finished look, consider adding a few more to your personal wardrobe in more bold designs.

5. Utility or Trucker Jackets

Remember the old Carhartt canvas jackets that anyone who has ever worked in a machine shop likely owns? Yes, that same style is considered a fashion trend for the coming year

Referred to as utility or trucker jackets, they’re thick, durable, and likely machine washable. While the standard styles are a bit boring for today’s standards, there are quite a few designers coming out with their own ultra-fashionable versions.

The good news? No matter what the weather—or if you need to change a tire on the side of the road—you’ve got the right jacket to do so.

6. Rimless Sunglasses

What’s old is new again and that includes rimless sunglasses. The popular style is back and showing up in accessory collections all over the globe.

Whether you opt for silver or gold doesn’t matter, either. If you were looking for a fun way to throwback to those early-2000s days, then this is a simple and affordable way to do so.

And the best part is that they’re available at nearly every price point. So, even budget-conscious fashionistas can enjoy showing off their style, too.

7. Wide-Leg Pants

Put those skinny jeans back in your closet. Wide-leg pants are a total hit for 2022. Everything from traditional bell bottoms to palazzo pants is included.

First spotted in Fall 2021 trends, it seems this one is going to continue well into the next year. Even more cutting-edge? Bold patterns and mixed materials.

Think denim paired with bold floral prints in bright hues or leather mixed with canvas. Some designers have even taken the wide-leg pants trend further by having models wear them under flowy dresses.

8. Camo Print

Another trend to look out for in the coming year is the return of camo print. However, unlike last time, the idea is to keep it a little more subtle.

This means you might see a little bit on a skirt or jacket in a less “in your face” manner. Accessories with colored camo are also making a comeback as fashionable, too.

Conclusion: Top Upcoming Fashion Trends of 2022

After looking at this list, it is pretty easy to spot the fact that most of these fashion trends are comebacks from the early 2000s. The good news? Some of us are still young enough to have pieces from the original era, making it cool to bring them back out to show off. And that’s just the start of all the awesome styles to pay attention to for the coming year.


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