Every Spring brings out new looks that may or may not come back years later. There are so many hot items in women fashion right now, that it is hard to select only five. But after a long process of elimination, here are the ones that we have kept on our list.

Fashion Statements

Fashion Statements

The Coatigans

If you still wonder what are coatigans, you need to head to Sandro and try on one of their unique models that they have in store this Spring. This mix of a cardigan and a coat, combined in one item, is a must for all women who want to go on an evening out, in the latest style. It is adaptable to any women's body, and you will be able to wear it in many different ways. It will keep you warmer than a cardigan, but less than in a regular coat. You can either buy one that will cover your knee or one that will end right above it. Don't miss the opportunity to wear this fashion piece and impress all of your girlfriends.

Sheer Fabric

If you have been watching all the awards ceremony that have been going on, such as the Oscars and the Grammy Awards, you cannot have missed the presence of sheer fabric on some of the most talented women out there. Everyone who is anyone wants to be seen in one of those see-through fabrics that glorifies women's bodies. They come in a large variety of colours, from crisp white to a heavy black. The effect is quite different from one to the other, so choose according to what you want to personify.

Low-rise Waists

Not everyone wears low-rise waists well, but if you do, then this is your year! Is there anything sexier than a woman wearing a pair of low-rise waist jeans? And what about on a mini skirt? It is a great way for a woman to state that she is strong and wants everyone to know it. Again, the contrast of black and white is quite popular. If you acquire only one piece in 2023, go for the shorts. They will be the hot item, even in summer.


The new style that turns head is called “Boudoir.” It consists in women wearing clothes that resemble lingerie, but without wearing anything else on top of it. This is certainly not what you should wear to the office, but if you feel good within yourself, you should pull one ensemble off the racks and wear it on a warm Spring evening.

Back in Black

Yes, black is always in style, but in 2023 that is even truer. The black color was everywhere during Spring fashion shows. Every designer from Louis Vuitton to Victoria Beckham was featuring it prominently on their catwalk. Most of the clothes were using the skin in contrast to black, so be ready to let your arms and your legs hang around textile-free this Spring. Again, this trend should continue throughout the summer, as well.

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