Throughout generations, the beauty industry has upheld a limited notion of beauty that is based on impractical criteria. Whether it be photoshopped magazine covers or heavily filtered social media content, these unachievable standards have contributed to a culture where it is difficult for individuals to feel self-assured and content with themselves.

Alyssa Cappello

Alyssa Cappello

However, as society became more interconnected, the industry was forced to confront its own limitations and redefine its notion of beauty.

Alyssa Cappello, CEO of She's Yar Lash & Beauty Bar, recognized the need for change in the beauty industry early on. Cappello was captivated by the beauty industry as a young girl, but she couldn’t help but notice the industry's failure to remain accessible to everyone. 

“When I founded my company, I had two objectives,” Cappello explains. “First, I’d always been bothered by how the industry shaped our lives. Beauty standards change all the time, and they are so difficult to follow. Failing to follow them profoundly impacts women’s perception of themselves, and this often causes long-lasting damage.” 

After witnessing the challenges that girls and women face in feeling confident in their own skin, Cappello was motivated to create a business that focused on empowering women by enhancing their natural beauty. Despite the seemingly simple nature of her business model, her unwavering commitment to assisting women in embracing their true selves ultimately led to her success. 

“Self-acceptance isn’t easy, especially in today’s world,” Cappello says. “It’s a process, and I’m just one step on that path. Still, seeing the smiles on my client’s faces is incredible, and just knowing that I can make even a small difference to help them feel confident is enough for me. 

Alyssa Cappello
Alyssa Cappello

In addressing the beauty industry's fundamental issue of accessibility, Cappello's second objective aimed to overcome challenges faced by customers with travel limitations. Despite being a priority for businesses of all sizes, the traditional investment model in studios and potential chains hindered accessibility.

“There are so many women who would love to come in for a treatment but are unable to for different reasons,” Cappello says. “They could be working moms with tight schedules or even college students who are too busy studying. This is why I’d decided to bring my services to my clients rather than vice versa.”

The prospect of accommodating her clients and traveling various distances to their homes was originally a result of minimal resources. Lacking funds to open a studio, Cappello built her clientele by traveling between clients' homes, initially relying on word of mouth and using social media to grow her business.

“I’m not sure anyone else did this back then,” Cappello says. “It was exhausting at times, but I was willing to do anything, not simply for the benefit of my company, but also to make my clients happy and provide for my two boys.”

She’s Yar Lash & Beauty Bar remained a mobile beauty service in the first several years of its conception. Cappello continuously invested in her business and her growing team’s education. She allocated significant funds to expand her clientele and stay up-to-date with the latest industry trends and products.

Cappello had never abandoned her dream of having her studio, and in 2019, she was able to open the first one. Nevertheless, she was unwilling to change her business model completely, so she had to devise a way to stay true to her vision.

“Convenience and inclusivity have always been at the heart of what we do. Something that makes She’s Yar different is our membership program. It allows membership perks and discounts on lash maintenance and other beauty services we offer, like makeup, brows, skincare, and full body waxing!” Open seven days a week, starting at 7 am on weekdays and closing at 9 pm. It's obvious how She’s Yar stands out availability-wise and for their work ethic!

This is a unique offering that many women will appreciate. Who wouldn't love a membership that allows for savings and guilt-free indulgence? It's a win-win situation for both the customer and the business, and definitely an innovative approach.

The focus on prioritizing the needs of the customers has resulted in tremendous success for Cappello. In a span of just a few years since its inception, the studio has expanded to three more locations, marking significant growth for the beauty business. Initially starting as a project for lash and brow services, Cappello now offers a diverse range of beauty services.

“I’m eternally grateful for the success that we’ve experienced,” Cappello says. “We’ve gone through many ups and downs, and there were times when I thought it was all over. When the pandemic hit, I couldn’t open the doors, and I was devastated. Still, we made it through.”

Her advice for women and girls is simple. “Believe in yourself, follow your dreams, and let your inner beauty shine brightly. You deserve love and acceptance, so keep celebrating your authentic selves.”