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Acne anywhere on the body can make you feel extremely self-conscious and with the summer fast approaching it may feel like you need the ultimate beach body and skin. The thought of swapping coats and jumpers to shorts and bikinis may seem daunting if you do not feel your most confident. It is bad enough dealing with acne on your face but having it in places such as the booty can be very difficult to process and may seem super unfair however there are many things you need to know about bum acne before you go ahead and try to treat it. So, here’s the 5 most important pieces of info you need about ‘buttne’.

Image credit: Unsplash

Image credit: Unsplash

1. It isn't actually acne 

When we think of acne we think of huge pimples with white heads, glowing red and looking angry however the pimples that appear on the booty can be purple and light red. There is a huge difference between the spots on your face and those on the bum. These strange coloured dots that appear on the upper thighs and bum are called ‘folliculitis’, this is caused by a build-up of bacteria or sweat in the hair follicles, they appear as small shallow bumps however this is completely normal and nothing to be worried about. They can also feel itchy and irritated. This can be due to the type of clothes worn, the amount of sitting down you’re doing or just happens naturally, sometimes it can be out of your control. Just remember this is something that can be treated and will go away eventually with the right medication and products.

2. Do not pop them, I repeat, do not pop them 

Now we’ve all had pimples that are looking ripe for a popping and it is hard to resist especially when they appear on the face, no one wants a red and angry spot sitting there all week. However, unlike the spots you can get on the face spots on this area of the body should not be popped, (actually you should not even pop a spot on your face) it can lead to scarring and more bacteria being allowed deeper into the skin which can cause infection and leave the area inflamed and irritated. It may be tempting to do as sometimes these spots can be uncomfortable and appear in the wrong place, they usually appear where you place the most weight when sitting down and it can mean that it is hard to get comfortable. The best advice I can give is to leave it alone, they do go away by themselves, however if it is causing discomfort try using a hot cloth to draw out any bacteria to the surface so the spot pops by itself due to heat. 

3. Tight clothes are your worst enemy 

It is easy to slip on a pair of leggings to go to the gym or wear a skin tight jumpsuit to go to the club, however these types of clothes are a breeding ground for bacteria. When wearing clothes like these to partake in physical activities such as being at the gym or dancing at the club it creates sweat, the tight fabric then traps this sweat and keeps it pressed against the skin for long periods of time. It then prevents your skin from breathing and means there is a higher chance for bum acne to appear. Try to opt for baggy or loose-fitting clothes, this does not have to be all the time however when doing physical activities, it is important to let your skin catch its breath and be able to let the sweat evaporate before it penetrates the skin.

4. Wear comfy clothes 

If you are still working from home and living on zoom calls then swap out the work wear (at least on the bottom half) for some loungewear. If you are sitting in tight clothing 9-5 it can be a huge contributor to the spots that appear, I would recommend even wearing shorts around the house so your skin has nothing to rub against and cause the least amount of friction this will help the reduction of spots. You can also swap out jeans and leggings for flowy skirts or joggers for a relaxed look that is equally benefitting your booty. If this isn't an excuse to stay in your pyjamas all day then I don’t know what is!

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5. Get some acne targeting products 

Even those pimples on the bottom are not ‘real’ acne products that are made for fighting acne can be beneficial to folliculitis as it keeps the area clean and bacteria free resulting in less build up. Ingredients such as benzoyl peroxide and salicylic acid can be a huge help for this type of breakout as it helps to rid the dirt and excess oil that may appear. Folliculitis usually disappears over time however if this is not the case speak to your GP as they may offer antibiotics to help get rid. 

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