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Jeans are one staple that are never going to go out of fashion, they’re an amazing piece of clothing that can be styled up or down depending on the occasion. With a large influence from the 90’s and the Y2K trend (which has taken over TikTok) the days of skinny jeans are over- it's all about comfort and loose fitting threads. Once cast aside by the fashion world, styles such as boot cuts and straight leg are now the height of fashion and are a must this Spring. 

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Eco Friendly Jeans

With more brands finding sustainable ways to keep up with the demands and trends that are fast fashion, it is becoming easier to find a pair of jeans which look amazing and are great for the environment too, talk about a 2 for 1. Upcycled denim deadstock is a great place to start, taking fabric from charity shops or that is no longer used by larger companies and resizing them and creating a unique pair of jeans. Charity shops are also a fantastic way of staying eco friendly and helping out those in need, people have come across some amazing finds in charity shops which includes designer names for a fraction of the price. Another way to contribute to sustainability is to opt for a pair of jeans that will last through the years, such as Levi’s, this brand of jeans is a solid investment as they should stand the test of time.  

Baggy Jeans

As many of us are finding ourselves opting for the more comfort fitting styles whether that be loungewear, active wear (that gets worn to binge watch Netflix or online shop) or tracksuits, why not keep this trend going with jeans? After catwalks everywhere have shown skinny jeans the door, it seems the looser the fit, the better however this doesn’t mean you’ll lose your figure. A relaxed silhouette can be pleated at the waist giving the cinched in waist look, you can even add a belt to dramatise this. Some designers have incorporated the asymmetric style at the top of the jeans which adds an extra bit of dimension and is a fun way to highlight the waist. 

Balloon Jeans

No, I’m not talking about the kind you blow up. Balloon jeans refers to the billowing effect, they are usually high waisted, cropped in length and are a loose fit. They are an inbetween for the straight leg jeans and the baggy jeans so if you’re not ready to commit to one of those styles this is a perfect all rounder. The beauty of these jeans is they are exceptionally easy to style up or down, just add a pair of chunky boots and an architectural knit for an edgy, daytime look or add fishnet heels, a corset top and gold jewellery for a look that is ready to hit the town. Another way to style this kind of jean is to roll up the tapered ankle to give a nod to the 80’s and add some street style when paired with chunky trainers. 

Straight Leg Jeans

Another 90’s staple that will be seen this Spring is straight leg jeans, just as versatile as skinny jeans due to the simpler cut, super flattering as they are neither skin tight or extra loose they’re a great alternative to skinny jeans. It is important to get the right pair as some can be too baggy around the ankles and tight on the thighs it is vital to strike the right balance. I would recommend opting for some with a hint of stretch woven in so it is easy to move and go for a light denim colour paired with white tops and shoes for a fresh Spring look. If you’re looking for a high end way to style, pair them with a matching denim jacket and black boots for an off duty model look.

Flared Jeans

Once again we are having a flashback to the 1990’s with a pinch of 1970’s added in for a beautiful combination of low rises and bell bottoms. This style of jeans has been seen on celebrities such as Gigi Hadid, Penelope Cruz and Margot Robbie who all style them with either jumpers or cardigans with pops of colour and tucking in at the waist for a cinched look. It is thanks to Celine and Paco Rabanne that these iconic jeans are back in fashion, if you’re stuck on how to style these, try opting for a crop top with an open shirt and sling back heels for a chic effortless daytime Spring look. If you’re looking for a more casual take on this style then pair with pointed boots, a knit jumper and trench coat for a more relaxed Spring time look.

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