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Thanks to lockdown we are spending more of our time on devices. Whether it’s watching tv, scrolling through TikTok on our phones, being on a laptop all day for work or a combination of all three. So why not swap screens for a new hobby which could see you ending up with a new wardrobe by the time you go back to work? Let your inner designer come out; you may be surprised at what you can make.

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Cuff Corestry

The idea of cuff corsetry was influenced by the 2020 catwalk from Bottega Veneta, whereby you lace over the bottom of wide leg or tailored trousers so it makes them appear as if there is a cuff. Such an easy trend to incorporate into your style it can be done with any shoes that have the long lace up detail, pairing mom jeans with lace up heels and using the cuff corestry inspo it makes for an extra trendy look which doesn’t cost anything! You can also take matching fabric and lace that around the cuff of your trousers or jeans, also try matching the colour of fabric to sandals and lace them through so it gives you the strappy detail without having to buy a new pair.


Another easy way to spice up any outfit is adding jewellery- particularly necklaces. Gold and pearls are all over SS21 catwalks so you can take some inspiration from them to create a brand new necklace. Start with a basic chain of your choice and thread pearls through the chain, you can even add crystals or diamantes to give that extra bit of sparkle.

Knot Cushion

A current interior designer trend right now is minimalist, neutral and earthy tones, bringing the outdoors in. Keeping with the minimal theme, cushions are also kept neutral but with interesting shapes that draw the eye. The knot cushion has been seen on countless Instagram posts and luckily it’s simple enough for you to make with this handy tutorial. You can keep it simple with browns and whites or go crazy with patterns and colours like leopard print or pink or red tones- the choice is yours.

Ripped Jeans

One of the easiest DIY ways to upgrade your old pair of jeans is to start cutting, fraying and ripping them up. I find the easiest way to do this is to find an image of ripped jeans that you like and then mark out where you will cut the fabric. The beauty of this is that you cannot go wrong, especially when you start small and build up to bigger rips so you have more control on how they will turn out. 


This is a trend which has come back into fashion late last year, but actually grew in popularity in the 1960’s in America- think hippie vibes. If you can’t seem to find the perfect tie dye jumper or t-shirt out there then why not create your own? The easiest way is to start with an old jumper and twist and tie it up then place in the dye of your choice, it can be a combination of colours or just one. Here’s a tutorial to explain how you can customise your own tie dye jumper.

Silk Scarves

Another great way to update your look in an effortless way is by adding a silk scarf to your attire. You could tye it onto your sunglasses for a chic new take on the glasses chain which can be changed as often as you like to suit your outfit. There are also countless ways to wear them in your hair as a bandana or a headband to add a pop of colour to any outfit. Try tying them around your neck for a 50’s look like Audrey Hepburn or Marilyn Monroe- their styles have never been out of fashion. You can also weave them through bracelets for a new jewellery look, the possibilities are endless.


There are so many cute earrings popping up all over Instagram with things like crystals, flowers, little dinosaurs or balls of fluff- there is a wide variety of styles and the only limit is your imagination. You can practically put anything onto an earring it seems so have a look around your home and see what you can find. It's a great way to get creative and end up with a unique earring that is customised for you!

Cut Out Top

The catwalks for SS21 have all had some form of cut out style whether it is in the form of dresses or tops. It is a fun way to refresh an old top you once thought of throwing out, so grab your scissors and start chopping. Try mapping out where you want your cutouts and base it from a picture so you can already see the finished product. Here’s a tutorial to help you design your new top.

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The announcement of the road map out of lockdown has filled us with hope that things are beginning to change for the better. It is also giving our clothes hope of actually being worn outside the four walls of the house. Many of us will be returning to work and as it's been a while since we had to properly get dressed (thanks Zoom meetings) it is no surprise that we all need some inspiration and guidance on how to reenter the world, the fashion world more specifically.