By @FionnualaMcNult 

The announcement of the road map out of lockdown has filled us with hope that things are beginning to change for the better. It is also giving our clothes hope of actually being worn outside the four walls of the house. Many of us will be returning to work and as it's been a while since we had to properly get dressed (thanks Zoom meetings) it is no surprise that we all need some inspiration and guidance on how to reenter the world, the fashion world more specifically. 

Image courtesy of Fionnuala McNulty

Image courtesy of Fionnuala McNulty

So here are 10 combinations of outfits perfect for Spring and going back to work. 

Cutout top and Jeans

Yes I know this does sound a bit risque however the cut out trend is here to stay and just because you are in a work environment does not mean this trend is out of bounds. Fashion has no limit; it is about finding the most suitable item for the right setting. Instead of opting for tops with the cutout effect on the mid section or chest area focus on looking for tops with the trend on the shoulders or the upper arm. Pair with skinny or mom jeans for a perfect office look that is super trendy.

Silky Co-ord

Now if you’re still adjusting to the thought of having to enter the real world but can’t fathom how you won’t be able to wear your pjs all day then this may be the option for you. The silk co-ord is basically what I am christening the ‘outdoor pyjamas’ because they are just as comfy as pjs but you can confidently step outside in them as they are a co-ord. I would recommend the wide leg silky bottoms and blouse co-ord paired with some heels and sunglasses, you’ll have an outfit that looks effortless, fun and comfy.

Shacket and Jeans

The weather seems to be playing with us at the moment in the UK so it is always recommended that you have some inbetween season jackets and what better way to combine comfort, warmth and casual than with a shacket? This look is brilliant for the office casual friday paired with some mom jeans and chunky trainers you cannot go wrong. I would suggest opting for a colour from a neutral colour palette so it is a shacket you can pair with anything and wear anywhere.

Tank top and Midi skirt

A midi pencil skirt has always been an office trend as it looks elegant and sophisticated, hugging all the right places. When paired with the right accessories and heels it is a masterpiece, and one of my favourite looks to wear to work. The combinations are endless with a midi skirt- a tank top is number one on the list as it is the basic you need in your wardrobe. Just like the midi skirt, the combinations for a tank top go on for a while so these are essential to your wardrobe. For a spring look add heels, sunglasses and a light jacket, you’ll be the talk of the office. 

Jumper Dress and Boots

This is a great inbetween season look to have on standby for any cold days in the Spring/Summer. There are many different styles of  jumper dresses out there, many of them being baggy and oversized which may not be the best look for work. However there is an easy fix for that, just add any belt around the waist to really define your figure, you can also go for a corset inspired jumper dress which has some bones around the ribs to create a silhouette without it becoming too inappropriate for the work environment. 

The Full Suit

If there's one place to wear a suit it is for work and what better way to look like a boss lady than in an empowering suit matched with killer heels? This is my favourite outfit for the workplace as it is smart, powerful and confident rolled into one. It really is the best way to show everyone who's boss. Again I would stick to the neutral colour palette when picking a suit, as you can get more wear out of it by combining the balzer with different outfits.

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