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As we’ve seen in the news coronavirus doesn’t look like it’s going anywhere anytime soon, so it looks like we’re going to be in our pjs for longer than we thought. However just because we’re stuck indoors doesn’t mean we can look on trend and glam even if it is just to be sat watching the TV. 

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Here’s five different types of loungewear you need to invest in this Christmas because after the year it’s been there no reason not to treat yourself. 

Jogger set 

This set is perfect for the days when you may need to pop out to the shops to top up on any treats. Jogging bottoms with a matching jumper makes it easy to dress up if you step foot out the house but is also extremely comfortable for lounging. 

I would recommend going for an oversized set for a relaxed fit and extra comfort. However for those days where you feel a bit extra opt for the more fitted and cropped variety. 

The best part about being at home is the freedom to wear things that may not be the best match but make a fashion statement round your home. So don’t be hung up if you can’t find the matching top to your beige joggers wear your oversized pink hoodie with pride. 


Another way to stay glam around the house is to go for an all in one or a jumpsuit. It is the perfect piece for completing jobs around the house and won’t leave you red faced when a delivery shows up unannounced. 

I would recommend a light and stretchy material when looking for a jumpsuit. Keep an eye out for the ‘casual’ option when looking as there are some amazing designs that are perfect for round the house. Don’t be afraid to go for extra baggy ones as it is even more comfortable and you won’t feel guilty about opening a tin of chocolates. 

Knitted set

This type of material has been increasingly popular this season and with good reason as the months get longer, darker and colder, it’s all the more reason to get out the thicker pjs. There are many different styles and patterns with this option so there is a vast array of loungewear to choose from. 

I would recommend going for long sleeved knitted sets as these will most likely be your go to set when the weather gets cold. For an extra stylish look opt for the wide leg knitted trousers and cropped jumper so you can be the fashion icon in your house. 

Fluffy set

No Christmas is complete without a fleeced/ fluffy set of loungewear. The breathable fabric makes it a cosy and comfortable fit whilst the plush and fuzzy material makes it soft to the touch. So curl up on the sofa with a hot drink and relax as you are kept in a long lasting warmth from this set. 

I would recommend a baggier and looser fit for an extra breathable feel as a more clingy design may become uncomfortable or be too hot when sitting inside. 

Shorts set 

I know we are in the middle of winter and where the word ‘shorts’ has not been uttered for months but it does not hurt to keep a shorts set for when the hearing is whacked up full. Whilst the fires are burning and candles flicker it may be too hot sitting in a knitted or fluffy set so it’s always a bonus to be prepared. 

I would recommend choosing a light cotton fabric when surfing the web for the perfect set. Of course any design or pattern is acceptable now go strut your stuff around your home. 

Time to Shop. 

Take an (online) trip to Oh Polly, Zara, Pretty Little Thing, Missguided, Boohoo and In The Style for all your lounging needs. 

Whichever style or design you choose, wear it with confidence and strut your stuff just because we’re stuck at home does not mean we can’t have fun! 

Have a very merry Christmas!

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