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Although another national lockdown is in full swing at the minute the thought of shopping for new jewellery may seem pointless. However the true lovers of jewellery know that a single piece of jewellery can lift spirits and change an outfit from drab to chic in seconds. Even if you’re only dressing up for a zoom call or just for fun these are the band spanking new jewellery trends you need to be invested in this year. 

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Image courtesy of Pixabay


A burst of colour is needed after a year of staying at home in our pyjamas. This was one trend that appeared on the catwalk and definitely caught the eyes of everyone watching. Neon can be  a look that is easy to get wrong as less is more in this category. This was portrayed by Chanel who added just a splash of hot pink combined with their famous C logo and pearl earrings giving a subtle but effective look. For those who are more daring, take inspiration from Tsumori Chisato who paired large hoops which had neon blue, pink, orange and yellow wrapped around them for a stylish and out there look. Like to keep it simple? Bottega Veneta style their neon burst with a simple bright green bracelet which keeps the trend glowing.


Pearls have not lost their effect over the years as they always give that hint of class and elegance however they are worn. But the new year brings with it new designs more elaborate than the last and Simone Rocha proved this with hair nets doused in pearls for the more extravagant jewellery enthusiast. Emilia Wickstead teamed up with fine jeweller to create some elegant pieces the ooze luxe, these were paired with neutral and simple designed dresses which only emphasized the pearls, perfect for a statement look. Chanel again introduced the pearls but if the idea of neon isn’t your thing you can opt for the combination of diamante and pearls for a captivating look.  


Unlike earrings and necklaces which you can’t see without a mirror, cuffs and bracelets can be stared at all day and admired whilst you are confined to working from home. The brilliant thing about cuffs is they are not confined to just the wrist they can be worn on the forearm and upper arm as well. If you only want to stick to wearing cuffs around the wrist take inspiration from Louis Vuitton who styled one big chunky cuff on the wrist, for a slightly more empowered look follow suit of Lanvin as the cuffs were worn on both wrists for the ultimate power look. If you’re feeling more adventurous try styling the cuffs on the upper arm like Sportmax they used a thinner band with a thicker middle for a greek goddess look. Even if you don’t own cuffs you can still take part in the trend as Celine just used a golden scrunchie we’ve all got one of those laying around. 

Beach Vibes

Everyone is dreaming of a holiday on a sandy beach at the minute (I know I am) but until that day comes we will just have to take the inspiration from the beach and incorporate it into our jewellery. Luckily it is going to be a big trend this year. Take a leap with Versace and bring the sea to your clothes as they did with Starfish brooches and seashell necklaces; they even combined this with a wet hair look so you would really appear as if you just stepped out of the sea. If you are a less is more type person, then keep it simple with just one seashell earring as Alberta Ferretti did. Raffia is also an option as natural materials seem to be the theme this summer, La Double J really made a statement with big and bold earrings with a matching necklace so if you are feeling brave give it a whirl. 


One of the trends I recognise from last year and I’m very happy to see is carrying over to 2021, at least one good thing came from 2020. Chains give an instant polish to a look and give some edge, they are constantly developing from small thin chains to chunky layered chains the possibilities are endless and I am here for it! Keep it simple like Louis Vuitton with a medium sized interlocking silver chain which completes any outfit. If you want to take your look to the next level then make sure to check out Victoria Beckham’s gold chain complete with a giant brass ring which will have heads turning your way. I couldn’t not mention 16 Arlington’s chunky chain belt with a large stone  for the clasp which is breathtaking and definitely worth taking notes on.


Now that we are all living on Zoom meetings for work or the occasional quiz night statement earrings have never been so important, they have found their new purpose of brightening our faces and capturing the beauty through the lens. The catwalk highlighted many shoulder dusting earrings, so if you are looking for that over the top glam look JW Anderson is the one to look for with rainbow feather earrings which will ensure everyone is looking at you. Osman also showed us the extra long earring look but turned up the sparkle and beading, perfect for those game nights or any other excuse you can find to dress up. If the length of these are too much you can opt for the shorter earrings which stop just before the shoulder like Giorgio Armarni which also incorporated the monochrome trend beautifully, perfect for those work meetings.

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