It’s the final installment of the Capsule Wardrobe Series! 

All images courtesy of Pixabay

All images courtesy of Pixabay

It’s been a long few weeks but by now you should have all the tools to create sensational outfits for shopping trips, nights out, lazy Sundays and winter walks. This week it’s time to add the finishing touches which can add an extra hint of class to your overall look. So, get ready to be the envy of everyone with your newly complete wardrobe and style ideas they will want to steal. 

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Gold earrings

There are many things I love, but one thing I cannot leave the house without is a good pair of chunky gold hoops or any gold earrings for that matter. They are the perfect accessory for any outfit, no matter if you’re wearing black, white or neutrals they will compliment all the new fits you have in your wardrobe.

The perfect fit should be chunky for this season, I would recommend starting off with a mid sized pair as they can be worn in the daytime and well as the nighttime. I would also recommend a pair of gold studs which should be on the larger side, for everyday work wear to add a bit of spice to your weekday outfits. 

To style, pair with black skinny jeans, chunky boots, black turtleneck and a blazer for a classy and chic look. To style for work wear add a dress, heeled boots and stud earrings for a smart look.

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Chain necklace

One of this season's biggest trends is the chain necklace however this has been in the fashion world for a long time. It is the perfect accessory to elevate any outfit. 

The perfect fit should lay flat on your chest and be a medium size so it can be worn day or night without looking out of place. I would recommend starting with a gold chain first and try looking for the chunkier links to give extra dimension to your look. 

To style pair with an all black dress and clear heels for a chic evening attire. For a more relaxed look pair with jogging bottoms, matching jumper and chunky trainers. 

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No outfit is complete without a pair of sunnies, don’t be fooled they are not only summer accessories but can be worn all year round to add a bit of spice to your outfit. I personally love wearing all black and adding a pair of shades as it gives off Chanel vibes. 

The perfect fit is dependent on your face shape. I would recommend starting with a small retro pair and an oversized pair to gauge which style is perfect for you. Don’t feel you have to go for high end designer sunglasses, I would recommend going for unbranded pairs so you can build up your collection and it’s not too much of a tragedy if you lose them. 

To style, pair with a turtleneck, blazer, leather pants and chunky boots for a chic look. For a summery look add denim shorts, a crop top and statement belt. 

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Cross body bag

This is one accessory I have not stopped wearing this season and it is the cross body bag. It gives a casual and edgy vibe to any outfit, it is the best bag for tracksuits. 

The perfect fit should have a short strap so the bag sits on your waist, I would also opt for one that has a smaller bag attached to it which should rest on your chest. It sounds silly having 2 bags on you but it’s extra storage and looks amazing. 

To style pair with chunky trainers, jogging bottoms, long padded coat and some gold hoops for a relaxed look. To style up add a pair of leather leggings, strappy heels and a blazer for a sexy night out look. 

Shoulder bag

I think this style of bag is the first kind I ever bought as it is a wardrobe classic and no one should be left without one. It definitely adds class to an outfit and it is one piece I would splash the cash on by going for a high end brand. 

The perfect fit should fit directly under your arm and not be too big. I would recommend going for a black bag so it is flexible whatever colour outfit you choose to wear. 

To style pair with strappy heels, gold hoops, skinny jeans and a white shirt for a classy and simple look. 


Belts have always been a way to make a statement with your outfit (as well as holding your trousers up). It is also an excellent way of cinching your waist in oversized dresses or tops. 

The perfect fit should be a size bigger so when fastened there is still a long section of the belt that can be tucked in or let down for a trendy look. It should also have a big buckle or some detailing on it so it gives a new lease of life to a simple outfit. Again I would recommend going for a black belt to start, however as your collection grows you can add more daring belts such as a patterned or diamanté belt. 

To style, pair around the waist with a neutral blazer leather leggings and strappy heels for a sophisticated look. 

Ready. Set. Shop.

To find those last little additions to your wardrobe make sure to take a look at ASOS, Pretty Little Thing, Missguided, So Monroe. You can also support small businesses by searching your chosen accessory on Instagram and adding your location. Discover some extra unique pieces for your collection! 

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