The 33-year-old singer was recently named the celebrity brand partner for Xeomin - the FDA-approved antiwrinkle injection - and Joe hopes that it will encourage other men to look after their skin and be open about their own treatments.

Joe Jonas

Joe Jonas

He told WWD: "It’s something people obviously do and maybe they shy away from talking about it. It’s everyone’s choice if they don’t want to speak on it and that’s totally fine, but I think it doesn’t need to b something that has to be a secret. I hope to encourage people to feel like it’s not a big deal for them, meaning they don’t need to be nervous about speaking about how they take care of their body."

Joe also explained that he got involved with the company because after recently turning 33, he decided that it was time to start taking better care of his skin.

He said: "I’m getting older, seeing more frown lines, so [Xeomin] was an option that I thought was really intriguing and I loved the result — I felt like it wasn’t overwhelming. It’s nice to be able to speak about this skin care option. I wanted to understand more about it and learn more about the ingredients."

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