Everyone has experienced maskne over the past year. What is maskne? If you have to wear a mask for a long period of time it's more than likely you will get some breakouts along your cheeks and chin. Even though it is a small price to pay to keep yourself and others safe from COVID-19, it is very frustrating having your skin look and feel out of control. I, myself have dealt with the struggles of having a constant span of spots across my face due to wearing a mask. What actually causes maskne? Well, it is the friction caused by wearing a facemask for hours on end each day, face masks also create a small amount of humidity and this can cause moisture which can irritate the skin even more. But do not worry there are ways to help stop the breakouts, here are 6 ways I have found and used myself to help. 

Photo credit: Unsplash

Photo credit: Unsplash

Washing your face

This may seem like the most obvious piece of advice you’ll hear all year but it is essential! If you have a job which requires you to wear a mask all day or even if you are just popping to the supermarket to do the weekly shop as soon as you get home (and I mean literally as you step through the door) whip that mask off and wash your hands and face. By taking the mask off straight away you are cutting off that friction and humidity allowing your skin to breathe, then by washing your face it is killing any bacteria and moisture that is left from wearing your mask. You can facilitate this at work, it may seem strange to wash your face at work but it is an easy step to reduce the chances of spots.

Apply any acne treatment 

Another great method is to apply your acne treatment before you wear your mask especially if you are going to be wearing it all day. It helps the treatment sink in all day long and give long lasting effects. If an acne treatment is already a part of your daily routine, apply as normal don’t miss it out because of the mask. 

Try to ditch makeup 

This is another essential piece of advice. Ditch that makeup. I have found that when I wear makeup under my mask, especially heavy foundations, they either rub off onto the mask leaving me with a lovely outline or it makes my skin feel heavy and sticky as there is a lot of humidity happening under the mask. If you know you will be wearing a mask all day, especially at work, leave the foundation out of your routine and swap it for a moisturiser instead. It now takes me half the time to get ready in the morning as I only put eye makeup on because who is seeing the rest? If you do feel self conscious about leaving the house with no makeup on, opt for a BB cream or a tinted moisturiser rather than a full coverage foundation as this will benefit your skin massively whilst wearing a mask. 

Apply moisturiser

I’m sure you have realised by now that the main way to keep your maskne to a minimum is skin care. Hopefully you already have a skin care routine, if not, then try to take the time to research and pick the skin routine that is suited to you. A basic skin care routine should include a cleanser, toner, moisturiser and SPF plus any acne treatment you require. It is important to get the products that fit your skin type which will be one of the following dry, oily or combination. There are many products out there so it can be a bit of a mindfield, talk to a dermatologist to get the perfect match for you, your skin is one of the best investments you can make.

Use disposable masks 

I know the blue disposable masks are not the most fashionable accessory and may not go with every outfit however there is a reason doctors and nurses opt for them, they are the most hygienic. The beauty of disposable masks is that they can be thrown away after each use, so you can put a fresh mask on every hour or so. By using a new mask regularly you are eliminating bacteria and reducing breakouts. If you are not a fan of the blue amazon stocks black and pink versions i personally love the black ones for work.  

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Use silk masks 

Silk masks are another way to battle the maskne as they have the least amount of irritation for the skin. Just like silk pillows that stop your hair being pulled and snapped, they reduce the friction caused by a normal mask which will reduce your maskne it’s a win win. Who doesn’t love a silky touch.