Avoiding the headache of getting dressed in the morning, is easy when you have a capsule wardrobe. If organised well, you will be able to create a multitude of outfits with a limited amount of clothes that all mix and match. By limiting the number of decisions you need to make you will be able to improve your look and reduce reduce your stress levels.

Melanie Potro

Melanie Potro

Most importantly, if done well, your wardrobe will reflect who you truly are and give others a consistent picture of you.

Here are 5 easy steps that will help you start your own, unique capsule wardrobe.

1) Look at your Lifestyle and divide it into slices – just like a cake

Your wardrobe should suit your lifestyle. Whether you spend 60% of your life in Zoom calls or driving around in your car, it is important that you have clothes in your wardrobe that match your life in proportion to the time spent.

By writing down how much time you spend doing different things, you will be able to buy the right amount of clothes for each area. Example: Working hours 60% client facing, 20% non-client facing WFH; Non-work: 30% school-related (pick up etc), 20% sport activities, 20% going out, 30% leisure/home.

2) Styles that flatter your body

Think about your body shape and what styles of clothes suit you best. If you are unsure, try out different styles and take a photo to see which clothes look most flattering; look at necklines and different trouser styles. For video calls, focus on your upper body. Wearing the right neckline and some matching jewellery can make a big difference.

3) Find your colours

Do you feel drawn to certain colours and find that friends and colleagues compliment you on your look when wearing them?

Wearing the right personal colours can make all the difference when getting dressed. Pick 2 of your favourite colours and find neutral tones, such as beige, shades of grey, that go with it. Your wardrobe should have about 30% of coloured pieces and the remaining 70% should consist of neutral tones. This way, you can easily make an outfit more interesting, whilst still being able to mix and match with many options.

4) Create an outfit formula

You can now think about outfit formulas that work for you. Looking at the styles that flatter your shape, you can decide on a combination that suits you well. Maybe you choose for work a certain style of blouse and high waist palazzo trousers, bootcut jeans and a round-neck t-shirt or even a dress with a matching cardigan?

Think about which style of shoes can be combined with your favourite look.

Now that you know the colours to pick and the styles that flatter your figure, you can start to create your own capsule wardrobe pin board.

There are many online options available now. Whether it’s Pinterest, a collage on your phone app or you taking your favourite magazines and scissors to create a style board for your capsule wardrobe.

5) Make it your own! - The Rule of Three

Put your stamp on your wardrobe by using the ‘Rule of Three’. Putting on a shirt and bottom is easy. By adding a third piece – a statement piece – you can create a style that stands out and makes your outfit really special. Earrings, a necklace or a handbag are a good way to add some interest to an outfit. Thes items will be the icing on your capsule wardrobe cake, so it’s worth investing in them.

As you can see, by following these 5 points, you can easily bring some structure into your wardrobe and build a capsule collection over time.

About Melanie Potro 

I am a Personal Brand Stylist and Image Consultant, working with professional women wo want to look and feel their best so they can step out in confidence, showing up as the expert in their field. After more than 18 years in Couture (I created costumes for the Bolshoi and other productions and ran my own Bridal Couture Business from the London OXO Tower) and Investment Banking, I decided to use my skillset and insight to work with women who want to elevate their Personal Brand through Style. I am a huge fan of Capsule Wardrobes.

Women should be able to focus on what they do best, feeling great in the clothes they wear, without having to overthink any outfit choice.

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