By @FionnualaMcNult

It is getting to the best time of the year - festival season. Standing in the middle of a field, wearing funky festival clothes, surrounded by your best friends, with the music pulsating throughout the air and a drink in hand, what could be better? So if this year you want to be a bit extra then take a look at these simple ways you can boost your makeup from daytime chic to festival chick. 

Image credit: Unsplash

Image credit: Unsplash

Graphic liner 

Eyeliner is always a must at festivals, it is great to liven up any makeup look and bring all the attention to the eyes. It can be quite hard to do without some practice. Luckily there are a few months before most festivals start so there is time for a few makeup fails. Festival looks are outrageous, you’ll see lots of clashing patterns, mixed textures and bold colours so why not bring this to your makeup as well. Using a graphic liner is a perfect way to add a pop of colour to match your outfit and it can be as simple as a small trace of the eyelid or as extra as a double lined wing. Get as creative as possible with your looks. You don't need to keep it just to your upper waterline, take it over your lid and even as high as your brow. The bolder the better, complete your look with a feather brow using clear brow gel for the ultimate festigal look. I would recommend the Makeup forever eyeliners, there are a range of colours and they are long lasting as you dance the night away. 


If there is ever an excuse to walk out of the house covered in glitter then it is at a festival, there is no such thing as less is more with glitter. I would recommend using a chunkier glitter for putting on your face, start at the top of the cheek bones and continue this up past the temples and just above the brow bone this will give an exaggerated highlight and define your cheekbones even more. You can also use glitter as eyeshadow. This is a simple yet effective way to add some sparkle. Use an eyelash glue to help this stick to your lid, I would suggest doing a bit at a time to ensure that the glue does not lose its stick, you don't even need eye shadow for this look. You can also use the glitter to add a bit of sparkle to your arms and legs to really make those instagram posts pop. Add a patch of glitter to the upper arm to define them and complement your outfit, try and keep the glitter a similar colour to the outfit for the best effect. I would recommend the Eco stardust glitter or the NYX glitter pots available at ASOS.


If you have been as obsessed with Euphoria as I have then you will know all about the gem hype. If you haven’t heard of this program and need some serious festival inspo then go and have a look at some of their looks. Maddie and Cassie both rock the gems, from a full gem liner look to just a dainty gem on the inner corner. They look amazing and are perfect for the festival season, you can make these as simple and easy as you like. Using a pair of tweezers dot the gems into eyelash glue and leave them a few seconds to become tacky, then stick these in the desired places on the eyes. If the eyelash glue trick is too fussy for you, you can buy pre- glued gems on amazon in a range of sizes that are easy to place and stick. 

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Two-toned Lips

If you like to scroll on Instagram and TikTok then I guarantee you have seen two toned lips more than once. The best combination of two toned lips are a clear gloss and a brown liner, it is simple yet effective and compliments every makeup look. However if you are looking to upgrade this go two lip combo then you can begin to mix different colours such as brown and nude, red and pink and if you are feeling daring blue and a clear gloss. If you run out of lip liners then eyeshadow mixed with a setting spray can turn any powdered eyeshadow into a creamy liquid. This can then be used to outline the lips, make sure for a clean base you use a lip scrub and a lip balm whilst you prep. I would recommend NYX lip liners, as they quickly glide around the lips and are long lasting for all day wear.