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Emerging from a national lockdown into a tier system may not quite have you as eager to spruce up your wardrobe as booking a summer getaway might, but that doesn't mean you can’t still enjoy your winter wardrobe. Although your go-to jeans and a nice top look may not be paired with a pint with your friends this December, who's to say you can’t still find pleasure in your outfits? I have compiled some must-have fashion staples for you to treat yourself to, even if they may just be for your wintry walks.

All images courtesy of Pixabay

All images courtesy of Pixabay

1. Shackets

Shackets are not themselves new but this autumn has certainly seen their outfit potential unlocked. We can all agree that this year has not been predictable by any means, however amidst all the surprising twists and turns that this year has held, the lumberjack-look was another surprise that I don’t think any of us saw coming. And what was the next shock? We love them! Warmer and a change from your trusted denim jacket, a statement shacket over any neutral will take your outfit to the next level.

2. Joggers

In life it is very important that we do not lie, especially to ourselves and it definitely would not be the truth if we pretended that the majority of this winter was not going to be spent in loungewear. Let us agree not to lie and instead find yourself a good pair of joggers, and another, and another…

P.S. You do not have to go on a run to wear running leggings/ gym wear. Whether you dress them up or dress them down, they will look and most importantly feel great.

3. Leather Blazer

Will I suit a leather jacket? Should I really spend my coins on yet another jacket? Yes, and yes! Possibly my personal favourite trend of late, leather blazers are wearable, stylish, and timeless. Trends can sometimes be a little bittersweet as you come to love an item of clothing only to bid it farewell when it inevitably goes out of fashion. But with the leather jacket that is not the case, it has been an indispensable piece for as long as anyone can remember and that, is the joy of it. It has never gone out of style and having stood the test of time so far; it does not look likely that its expiration date is coming up in its future anytime soon.

4. Hoodies

It is the comfy closet season, and we would not want those joggers to be all alone without their cosy counterpart. If at the sight of the word hoody, you are having flashbacks to school leavers’ day, do not worry because with a little styling they will go from being something you have thrown on to an outfit that has been effortlessly thrown together. Neutral hoodies work with most things, so this is the time to stick to plain and simple, once you start layering them under jackets it will change the game, completely transforming your outfit from that pop to the shop style to the off-duty model look.

5. Boots

Once you have the top and the middle sorted only one thing remains…the bottom, more specifically shoes! Nothing says winter walks more than a good pair of boots and this year the golden rule seems to be the chunkier the better. If you are tired of having to clean your trainers after taking in the scenery on your stroll, boots are the answer. They will support you all the way, the way any fashion friend should, and are paired perfectly with not only the pieces above but almost anything. You and some boots will be this winter’s one true pairing.

These pieces will hopefully have you strutting your stuff on your walks and socially distanced meet-ups this winter while making cosy and comfortable chic.

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