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We’re now halfway through the capsule wardrobe series! 

All images courtesy of Pixabay

All images courtesy of Pixabay

By this point you should have the tools to start combining your new pieces to create an outfit. Now we still need to add accessories and coats (especially in this weather) but after reading this article you will have the basics for topsbottoms and shoes nailed down like a pro. So let’s put our best foot forward and dive into the six most reliable shoes your wardrobe is craving. 

Chunky Trainers

As someone who only bought my first pair of trainers two years ago and before that would only be caught in heels, I can wholeheartedly say they are a game changer. You will see this style of trainer on every celebrity and influencer it is the must have for an everyday look. So it is only right you add these to your collection and step out in style. 

The perfect fit should have quite a chunky sole to complete your sporty/edgy look. To start your collection I would stick to black or white as they are very easy to pair with any colour. Don’t feel you have to get the most expensive pair PLT and Missguided do some amazing dupes at a fraction of the price. 

To style pair with an oversized tracksuit and a long puffer jacket for a relaxed daytime look. For all you students out there match them with a dress or skirt and bodysuit for a comfortable clubbing look. 

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Chunky Ankle Boots

If there’s a shoe you need this season it’s an ankle boot and the chunkier the better. It is perfect for lockdown walks since that’s the only outings we will be getting this winter. 

The perfect fit should be just above the ankle and similar to the chunky trainers I’ve mentioned they should have a thicker sole. Lots of the chunky ankle boots have a lug sole which gives the boots grip. I would begin with a pair of black ankle boots and then add in some neutral colours or if you’re feeling brave add a red pair. 

To style pop on your skinny jeans, a turtleneck jumper,a duster coat and a scarf for a winter walk look. If you want to style up your boots add a knee length dress, leather jacket and a pair of tights for a daytime stroll. 

Knee High Boots

Another must have of the season is knee high boots which seem to have risen in popularity as the days have got colder. Heeled or flat they are the perfect autumn attire and it means you don’t need to put your dresses away until the summer just match with these boots and a warm coat for a cosy look. 

The perfect fit should end just before the knee and can be either loose or skin tight that depends on your preference. I would reccommend starting with the tighter versions as they are more comfortable and are easier to combine with an outfit. White, black or neutral colours are perfect for this style of boot as they can be the focus and you can base your outfit around them

To style add a chunky knit dress, a duster coat and a cross body bag for that perfect shopping trip look. To add a bit of spice, pair with a long shirt, a cropped corset top over the shirt and a cute shoulder bag for a bottomless brunch. 

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It might be a bit early to be looking forward to the summer but after having more free time this year it’s an excuse to get ahead with our hot girl summer looks. Sliders are needed in every wardrobe and essentially can be worn all year round, whether that’s on a beach in Ibiza or round the house in Yorkshire. 

The perfect fit should have a thick band over your foot, they come in many designs. I like to make sure I have a black plain pair and a sparkly pair for those pool parties, I even like to match the sparkle with glitter toenails for an extra shimmer in the sun. 

To style in the summer throw on your favourite bikini, beach cover up and sunnies for an outfit worthy for Ocean Beach. Whilst in lockdown pair with leggings and an oversized jumper for a relaxed and casual look. 

Strappy Heels

For the day we are eventually allowed back in the clubs and bars, make sure you are fully prepared with some heels (you never know what Boris is going to announce). Whether you like a smaller or larger heel they will make your legs look longer and take that dress to the next level. 

The perfect fit should be comfortable to walk in and no toes should be spilling over the shoe. I would recommend sticking to black, white or clear heels for ease when matching with outfits. The clear heel is a mark of genius as they go with every single outfit I own. 

To style pair with your favourite going out dress, gold jewellery and a clutch bag. For an edgy look match with jogging bottoms, a vest bodysuit and gold jewellery. 


Just like the sliders,  I am looking ahead to better times and sunny weather. Hopefully I can help manifest some positive vibes for next year. Sandals are a staple needed for the summer time and I usually spend most of my holidays in them both in the day and night time. It is a great feeling having your feet feel free in the hot weather.

The perfect fit should be ever so slightly loose as I find my feet swell in the heat so I usually make sure there is a bit of room so they don't engrave the pattern onto my feet. I would recommend having a flat pair and a heeled pair so you are ready for every occasion. I would also stay in the neutral colour palette so it is easy to mix and match.

To style pair with a maxi dress, sunnies and some gold jewellery for a classy day time look. Switch it up for the perfect evening outfit with heeled sandals, a bodycon dress and a statement clutch. Make those heads turn!

Ready. Set. Shop.

To make sure you are stepping out in style I would recommend visiting any of the following websites; If you’re wondering where the best place is to step up your shoe game then check out Raid, ASOS, Zara, PLT, Missguided and Boohoo. Ego shoes and Public Desire. Make sure to keep an eye out for the deals and get ready for the cyber monday sales!

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