By Fionnuala McNulty 

It’s finally time to ditch the pyjamas and put on some real clothes for a trip to the pub. The wait may have felt like forever but it’s time to catch up with your friends with a good drink. You’ll need the perfect debut outfit to strut around the beer garden so here are 10 outfit ideas to get you started. 

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Joggers and a bodysuit

This is the perfect outfit for a last minute catchup as it is casual and comfortable. As every pub is only open outside don’t be afraid to add a larger coat over the body suit to keep warm. I would recommend choosing a light grey pair of oversized joggers, a white bodysuit, an open shacket and a pair of white chunky trainers for the ultimate comfy look. Don’t forget to add an across the body bag, subtle gold jewellery and sunnies. If that’s too casual go for black joggers and bodysuit then add gold jewellery and chunky boots for a more sophisticated casual look. 

Jeans and a ‘nice top’

This is a go to outfit for the times where you just don’t know what to wear. There’s so many ways to dress up or down jeans and a ‘nice top’ to fit any occasion. Pair blue mom jeans with a corset top and heels for a dressy look fit for any bar. If you like a more casual look pair flared jeans with an oversized t shirtand chunky trainers for a relaxed and comfortable look. 

Floral dress

It is nearly the season (and the weather) for summer dresses and sandals. Floral dresses are a must have for your wardrobe as they will always be useful when the hot weather arrives. They are perfect for those day drinks that turn into late night drinks and can be dressed up with heels and a statement bag. 

Light trousers and bodysuit

Neutrals are the go to colour palette for any event as they create a chic and elegant look. Get heads turning in a light beige pair of tailored trousers, matched with a white crop top and a pair of mules for a well put together and classy look. You can also opt for a pair of wide leg linen trousers, match these with a contrasting body suit, a large belt, strappy heels and a small handbag for a look that is perfect for starting at the pub but finishing in a bar. 

Blazer and cycling shorts

This outfit is perfect for slightly cooler days sitting in the garden. The long sleeved blazer keeps the upper body nice and warm and the cycling shorts add some sass to your outfit. I would recommend a dusty pink blazer with white shorts and mules for a Springtime chic look. if bright colours are not your thing stay within the neutral colour palette and opt for a beige blazer and cream cycling shorts. 

Leggings and a jumper

Another outfit which is ideal for those last minute calls to the pub. It is the easiest outfit to throw on after a long day at work, but when paired with gold jewellery, a leather jacket and a statement handbag it creates a cool and edgy look with minimal effort. Another way to style is to add a pair of chunky boots, an oversized blazer and a large handbag for an elevated look. 

Shirt and shorts

A white crisp shirt is one staple that should not be missed out of your wardrobe. An oversized shirt is extremely versatile and can be paired with many different bottoms to create contrasting looks. I would recommend pairing a white oversized shirt with a pair of tailored beige shorts, strappy heels and a small white handbag for a sophisticated look. For a more casual feel swap the tailored shorts for denim and the heels for trainers. 

Matching set

If there’s one outfit that comes with no prior planning or stress then it’s a matching set. This can take the form of tracksuits, blazer and skirt co-ords, shorts and crop tops, trousers and crop tops, the list is endless. One way to style would be to choose a matching set which is cycling shorts and a crop top, add an oversized shirt, chunky trainers and an across the body bag for an outfit fit for the sun. Another way to style would be to opt for an all white trouser set, add a black clutch bag, black strappy heels and gold jewellery for an effortless evening look. Channel your inner Coco Chanel, go for a blazer and skirt co-ord, match this with mule heels and a small handbag for a chic and well put together look.

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