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With the recent update from Boris we can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel. This means there will be some more opportunity to get out of those pjs and into some outdoorsy clothes for the first time in a while. I, like many others, have been working from home for such a long time now that the idea of wearing actual clothes is daunting. Luckily the Prada catwalk gave some inspiration and hope for post lockdown looks, here are the five best tips I gathered that will ease you into those post lockdown looks from their AW21 catwalk.

Prada AW21 Catwalk

Prada AW21 Catwalk

Layered Tailoring

This is the perfect tip for those who are now facing the possibility that they may have to return to work. Instead of reverting back to the classic shirt and trouser combination add an extra layer such as a knitted vest over the top to add more texture, you could even add a pop of colour to awaken your style. Prada took to the catwalk with clashing patterns worn underneath blazers, I particularly like the way they pushed the blazer sleeve up to reveal the pattern underneath it also gave the illusion of a puffed sleeve. This is a great way to refresh any suits you have from last year and give them a new lease of life. Skirts were also given a new look as the original knee length skirt was given a high split, which could be paired with a patterned pair of tights if you were feeling brave.


After so long being stuck in houses and not having to prepare a saturday night glamorous look, I have missed the sparkle of sequins. Luckily for us they’re back with a bang and it is a great way to catch people's eyes as they always add a touch of elegance. One look featured a fur shawl which only heightened the class and matched perfectly with the emerald green shimmer of the maxi dress. Prada showed us that it is not strictly parties where sequins can be shown off but they can be considered for all manner of outings from work to walks to festivals. The list is endless. 

Pop your Collar

As the weather is still quite cold the coats have not been put away just yet so whilst they are still being worn it is time to add a bit of an update. Prada took the collar from cardigans or blazers which were worn underneath the coats and popped the collar up and over to show off the detail that lies underneath. It is a great way to breathe new life into your coats as there are many patterns, colours and styles of cardigans/blazers you can mix and match with your coats everyday. 

Crazy Colour Combinations

It seems Prada loves the idea of clashing patterns and colours, the more unexpected the better. It is a great way to boost the mood as Prada put together many bright and daring colours to create a whole new colour palette everyone will want to wear. The most popular was marigold yellow, emerald green and cornflower blue which seems quite loud however Prada matched these perfectly and is a perfect transition into the Spring. 


It seems that gloves are the staple for both Prada’s menswear and womenswear collections, any colour, pattern or size is accepted as they add an extra dimension to any look. Prada favoured the long length gloves with short sleeved dresses it gave an extremely eye catching look. No outfit was complete without a glove on this catwalk.

Feeling Fuzzy

Now this is not just narrowed down to coats, Prada showed there was a whole new market when it came to fluffy materials. My favourite style was the fluffy white oversized clutch, which really drew the eye and would compliment any outfit. Another way Prada incorporated this fuzzy material was through stoles wrapped around the upper and mid body, which had me feeling like it was the roaring ‘20’s and something I will be investing in.

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