By @FionnualaMcNult

One essential you need for winter is a scarf. Whether you love the chunky knit look or a little silk number a scarf can cosy up your outfit and add a pop of colour or pattern. They help keep not just your neck warm but your entire body, keeping it insulated especially when the temperature drops below zero, they’re not just a stylish accessory you know. So whether you want to go big or keep it small, I have narrowed it down to seven must-have scarves you need this season, from big fluffy scarves for those freezing days to something light to brighten up your outfit. 

Image credit: Unsplash

Image credit: Unsplash

Cotton Scarf

This is a classic scarf which is such an effortless way to cosy up your winter outfit, this scarf comes around every single year but it just gets a makeover every year to keep up with the current trends. As we’ve seen this year there is a focus on neitual and minimalistic outfits, so try and opt for a cream, beige or black scarf this will be a timeless piece to set in your wa\ardrobe as it will compliment most outfits you already have. To style take an all black outfit, add a trench coat and a cream cotton scarf, drape it loosely around the neck for an elegant and classic look.

Wool Scarf

I’m sure at some point we have all purchased a wooly scarf complete with the matching gloves and hat, so if you don’t fancy spending, get digging in the back of your wardrobe. If you fancy something new and fresh then head to zara, H and M or river island, they have a huge selection of wooly scarves for the winter with beautiful colours and patterns to fit everybody's taste. I would recommend choosing a patterned scarf such as a leopard print or something simple, this will really compliment your outfits and if you have a lot of neutral coloured coats it will add an extra bit of dimension to your outfit. To style, leave the scarf hanging down around your neck and fasten up your coat. This works really well with a fur coat or a trench coat. Don’t be afraid to let the scarf become the centre of your outfit. 

Oversized Scarf

With all the wonderful food that comes with winter such as chocolate, big roast dinners and sweets, who doesn't want to be extra comfortable, so everything oversized is needed from tops to jumpers to coats so why not scarfs as well. Especially with the cold weather, that extra amount of material that comes with oversized scarves makes them about the size of a blanket and who doesn’t want to be walking around all wrapped up and cosy. To style I would recommend wearing some leather trousers with some black leather chunky boots, add an oversized quilted coat and wrap around your oversized scarf, I promise you won’t feel any cold in this outfit. Complete the look with a hot coffee to keep your hands warm whilst you shop until you drop. 

Silk Scarf

So most of the scarves I have already mentioned are more focused on the warmth aspect of wearing a scarf but what if you just want a cool accessory to wear with your outfit but don't want to pack all that heat? Well the silk scarf may be just what you need. This is perfect for adding a touch of class and style to your outfit, it gives a nod to the 1950s fashion which we all know oozes elegance, stars such as Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn would sport this look a lot in their career. There are so many ways you can style this scarf whether it be wrapping it around your handbag, tying it into your hair, wearing it as a bandana or loosely tying it around your neck. My favourite way is to thread it through a plait in my hair as it adds volume and thickness and compliments any outfit. 

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Statement Scarf 

Everyone loves making a statement. You can make a statement in lots of ways, this can be through the way you wear your hair, the outfit you wear, even the shoes you wear so why can’t we make a statement with a scarf. The good news for us is that statement scarves are a need this season, zara is the perfect spot to get a bold and chic new piece that will liven up your everyday coat. I would recommend opting for a patterned scarf or if you want to spash the cash there are many brands which have their name running through the scarf this gives an extra touch of class to your outfit. Don’t forget to match the scarf with a bag to compliment your look, a small handbag in contrast to the the large statement scarf creates a stylish dynamic and will make you look the height of fashion.