By @FionnualaMcNult

We all know that Y2K fashion is back with avengence, if it’s not matching co-ords which channel your inner Cher from Clueless, it’s the Juicy Couture tracksuits that are perfect for lounging. However the trend does not just stop at clothes, hairstyles were huge in the early 2000s and there were some really interesting looks from spiky buns, to claw clip dos to hair crimping. You name it and Y2K had it and now they are back in fashion, you can see these hair styles on fashion icons like Bella Hadid and Hailey Bieber. I have picked 5 of my favourite Y2K hair styles you can recreate from your home. No complicated tutorial required, just a step by step guide on how you can get these looks hot off the runway. 

Photo credit: Unsplash

Photo credit: Unsplash

Spiky Bun

It seems that the messier the hair the better or rather this was the trend in the 90s so of course times change and the early 2000s had their own take on messy hair dos. Rather than your hair being all over the place with no structure they had spiky buns and twists. This consisted of clipping the hair back and having the ends of the hair sticking up at the top of the head. Now this may sound strange but it creates such an interesting look and will fit perfectly with any Y2K inspired clothing. For short hair all you need to do is grasp the hair into a low ponytail, once you have this twist the whole ponytail up the back of the head. Once you have the end poking over the crown of the head take a large claw clip and place it in the middle of the head. If you have longer hair, rather than twisting the hair up the back of the head, twist it round to make a bun and once the ends are poking above the crown then use either a bobble or claw clip to secure. Once you master the technique it is such an easy way to style your hair when you’re in a rush for work or a night out. 

Gentle waves

There are so many different ways to style and create waves they can be such an effortless look that when kept right can last for weeks and weeks without the need of a touch up. The easiest way to create gentle waves without heat is to section the hair into manageable pieces and begin to plait the hair, for more defined waves use smaller sections and keep the plaits tight. If you want a more relaxed look make the sections bigger and keep the plaits loose this will create a more natural look. If you have the time you can use a pair of straighteners, curl the hair as normal but make sure to brush out the curls the more you brush and shake your hair the looser the curls become appearing more like waves. You can then style as you desire with hair clips or hair claws. 

The Slick Look

If you keep up with the Kardashians you know that this is a look they regularly try out. Kim even sported this look at the Met Gala and if it’s good enough for Kim it’s good enough for me. There are many ways to style the slick look, this can be in high ponytails, buns or just leaving the hair down in waves. The best way to do this look is to invest in a good mousse that will keep the fizz at bay and set with a shine. You need to comb this through the hair into your desired style make sure you comb down any fly aways. You can set everything with gel and hairspray to ensure there is no movement through the night, it is a super neat and tidy way to style your hair. 

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Statement Hair Accessories 

If you love a statement piece then this is the hair style for you. You can find so many different hair pins, hair claws and bows to put in your hair however which ones are on trend? Which ones fit the Y2K theme? Don’t panic and don’t overthink it. I would recommend choosing some large claw clips perfect for those spiky buns, I would also invest in some diamonté hair slides. You can find ones which say ‘baby’ or ‘love’ on Amazon. These slides have taken Instagram by storm and were seen on the runway. If you are really wanting to dive into the Y2K look then get some small plastic butterfly grips that look so cute dotted around the hair when it is in a plait or a bun.