There is huge focus on the minimalist lifestyle in terms of the home and the amount of items in a wardrobe however there is less attention paid to the minimalist style of dressing.

It's not all black and white

It's not all black and white

If you are looking to embrace this style a little more now you’ve attended to your surroundings- or even if you prefer this look to any other- here are some things you should know. 

Minimalist style is unfussy: It’s about looking sleek and clean, without all the excess of little details. Less is more- the same approach that’s applied to the home. It’s about removing the extravagances and stripping it down to the bare bones. You may want to leave the busy prints, ruffles, tassels, bows and ribbons alone if you admire this style. These ‘decorations’ detract from the main pieces taking the focus away from the clean lines and shapes. 

Minimalist style is not a four colour palate: There is a common misconception that all minimalists gravitate towards blacks, nudes and whites and omit any other colours from their wardrobe. This simply isn’t the case. Some people who opt for a minimalist style wear a small number of colours but embrace for a pop of colour with something more vibrant against the backdrop of a basic wardrobe staple. 

Combinations: The most common combinations are block colours (think the little black dress or the black jumpsuit), two colours (a crisp white tee and jeans) or as mentioned- a pop of colour (bold coloured pants and a black shirt)- the focus is on the clothes and not the accessories as these detract from the star of the show- the outfit itself. 

Who wears it? Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle do it best- their effortless, classic style proves that keeping it simple is beautiful and elegant. They wear small pieces of jewellery to allow the outfit to speak for itself. 

Minimalist style isn’t plain:  Although some might see the minimalist style as plain, samey and boring- it’s all about perspective. A block colour dress can have detail- but it lies in the cut and the quality as opposed to the pattern, jewellery, the bag or the shoes. 

It can go hand in hand with a capsule wardrobe: Many minimalists would argue that a capsule wardrobe is one of the best tools to achieving your minimalist style. Limiting yourself to a specific number of pieces can help you identify your personal style, establish which colours you are most drawn to and stop your closet from getting out of control. 

Minimalist style can equal versatility: Owning simple pieces means that most of your wardrobe is interchangeable. Tops will go with skirts AND trousers, dresses can be glammed up or made more casual depending on what you pair it with and coats can be functional for multiple seasons. When purchasing something new- minimalist style is about finding pieces that will go with other things in your existing collection- not about having an outfit that is only appropriate for one event and can’t be paired with anything else you own. 

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