Imagine ditching the BB cream, powder, and foundation and letting your skin show your natural beauty.

While makeup is amazing and has its place, sometimes you want to just be… you. The beach, lazy Saturdays in the backyard with friends, a walk in the park; let your skin shine and be yourself. While some people are self-conscious about their skin, with a bit of TLC, there’s no need to be. Take control of your skin health today and get glowing skin.

Skin Care

Skin Care

  1.     Skip the hot, steamy showers

Hot water and steam can strip the skin of its natural moisture. This means its natural oils that keep it healthy and balanced are no longer there, and this can damage the skin barrier, leading to slow healing time and a skin that’s more prone to damage. Keep your showers short and not too hot.

      2.    Drink enough water

Your skin is the largest organ in the body, and it needs moisture. While we can apply moisturiser, the most efficient way to hydrate is from within. Drink plenty of water during the day, and if you can’t handle plain water, a squeeze of lemon or lime, a few crushed mint leaves, or a couple of slices of fruit give it a different taste.

       3.    Don’t ditch the décolletage care

The skin on your neck and upper chest area is delicate. It can be prone to wrinkles, sun damage, spots and dryness. Make sure you use your facial moisturiser all the way down your neck and across your upper chest area, and sunscreen too.

       4.    Check for skin dryness

Scratch a small area of skin on your arm or leg. Does it leave a white mark? If so, your skin needs moisture. If you have eczema or psoriasis, you’ll find the skin is often flaky, the skin painful or itchy. If this is the case, you will need to find a lush moisturiser or treatment that works for you.

      5.    Get a collagen supplement

Collagen is a building block of skin- it helps with elasticity, firmness and it gives skin a plump look. As you age, your body produces less collagen, so you need to start supplementing. There are plenty of options available on the market, both powder and pill form, derived from fish, vegetable or non-veg sources. Find a flavourless powder and have a spoonful in your coffee or smoothie every day. There’s no harm to pregnant woman (or anyone) from collagen, and it’s safe, well-tested, and has great skin benefits.

      6.    Eat the good stuff

Fruit and veggies give you vitamins and minerals. You need these in order for your body to function effectively. Make sure you’re eating a wide variety of fresh, frozen or canned fruit and vegetables and get your skin food. Vitamin C is amazing for your skin, and zinc is essential for strong nails, lush hair, and blemish-free skin. Take a zinc supplement if you suffer from bad skin, you may be surprised at the results.

      7.    Eat fish (salmon in particular)

Salmon is incredibly good for your skin—those omega fatty acids give your skin loads of nutrients. It’s also great for your brain, and if you’re pregnant, it can actually increase your baby’s IQ!

       8.    Keep it clean

Your beauty products, that is. Ditch anything with ‘fragrances’, as these can irritate the skin and cause problems in those with delicate skin. Fragrance-free products will generally have less worrying skin products, so it’s an easy way to avoid a whole bunch of nasties.

      9.    Exercise

We didn’t say skin care was glamorous. Getting outside in the sun gives you vitamin D (sunscreen on your face though please). Sweating is great and getting your blood pumping helps circulation and moving nutrients around your body. It’s also great for your mental health, so get out there and find a form of exercise you love.

       10.  Give your skin a treat

Whether it’s a gentle exfoliant to scrub away dead skin cells, or a home-made facial or papaya and yoghurt, find a way to give your skin a bit of TLC. While there are amazing products that can help target specific problems, there are also plenty of products at home to use, so do some Googling and find a treatment for your beautiful skin.

      11.  Stop smoking and drinking alcohol

Both these products are absolutely toxic for your skin. Cigarettes prematurely age you and they look pretty tragic too. Alcohol dehydrates your skin, can damage blood vessels, and they also affect your sleep, making you look older than you are.

        12.  Have a great basic routine

Have a simple morning and night routine. Keep it easy to do and you can supplement treatments, toners and serums as you wish.

Morning: A facial wash, moisturise, and sunscreen application.

Night: Wash your face- double cleanse if you wear makeup, and apply a rich night formulation moisturiser.

It’s absolutely that simple. There’s no excuses, just do it every day, and your skin and future self will thank you.

Pro Tip: Visit Okana Skincare for a range of natural skincare products for the perfect skincare routine.

        13.  Banish the bags

Have you woken up looking like you’ve just travelled across multiple time zones and then not slept for a week? Puffy eyes are easy to remove—simply keep a damp washcloth in the fridge and apply the cold compress to your eyes for a few minutes while sitting up. If you’re not that organised, a couple of ice cubes in a facecloth will do the same thing.

       14.  Get enough sleep

This needs dedication; allowing enough time for sleep, no caffeine or alcohol close to bedtime, black out curtains, a quiet, cool bedroom and trying to remove all devices from your life in the hour before bedtime. The outcome is enough sleep, no bags under your eyes, feeling great, and healthier skin.

         15.  Your skin changes—so should your skincare

As you age, your skin changes. And, as the seasons change, your skin needs will too. Don’t just buy one moisturiser and keep using it. It’s good to have a fall-back, but have a lighter moisturiser for summer and a more lush option for winter.


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