It seems like there’s an almost never-ending line of brand-new, must-have hair or face beauty treatments that everyone just has to get to look their best. As such, a lot of the specialist treatments get lost along the way, either due to a lack of publishing or being a relatively niche practice.

Unknown Beauty Tips

Unknown Beauty Tips

So, fresh for this year, we’ve compiled the top four hair and face beauty treatments that you may not know exist. They range from treatments to counter female hair loss all the way to the latest celebrity craze in making your face look more youthful.

The non-surgical facelift

The rich and famous have been using facelifts for decades, even to the point where many older celebrities have a very similar face due to all of the cosmetic surgeries they have undergone. It was the way to make a face look young, and was certainly a painful procedure. Now, a new form of non-surgical facelift has emerged that’s based on the mathematical principles of perfect beauty.

The Phi Principle explains that a precise distancing of an object’s features is what makes it beautiful, with perfect symmetry translating into perfect beauty. The procedure involves the face being injected with dermal filler in specific areas to promote symmetry and reveal a rejuvenated face.

Tattooing to fill in your eyebrows

Eyebrows have been a focus of beauty for many years, with people committing hours to plucking, shaping, pencilling, and colouring their brows. Now, there’s a new way to get those perfect brows that last much longer than just a day or two. The method is known as microblading, but that’s just a less-scary way of saying ‘eyebrow tattoo.’

That being said, you’d be surprised at how many women don’t like the idea of undergoing the process of getting a tattoo but are very much on board for some microblading.

Face tattoos aren’t anything new, with the likes of Post Malone, Amanda Bynes, Halsey, and, of course, Mike Tyson sporting some ink up top. However, microblading isn’t so much about having a pattern or slogan tattooed on your face, but more about scribing tiny, hair-looking strokes to get a natural look to complement your eyebrows. Owner of a New York City salon Kendra Bray says that we may also see the practice referred to as microshading or brow-feathering, but these are just ways to market the treatment differently.

Taking back control of your receding hair

Unfortunately, many men and women experience alopecia, and while men are well known to get hair transplants, the procedure is less advertised among women who undergo the process.

While it’s more socially visible that men sport a bald head, it’s less common for ladies, with many women caring a great deal about how their hair looks and feels.

In a society that emphasises and advertises long and voluminous hair, women can suffer from low self-esteem if their hair starts to fade or recede: this is why Elithairtransplant and Dr. Balwi have also specialised in hair transplant for women.

Diffuse pattern alopecia, androgenetic alopecia, alopecia areata, and scarring alopecia are all far more common among women than people think, and yet the treatment for these hair loss problems is now rather straightforward.

Dr. Balwi and his team utilise several procedures that suit the task at hand, but the clinic does specialise in Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE), which is extremely gentle and has proven to be very successful.

Another method that the Elithairtransplant clinic recommends for many women is the DHI technique, for which the patient doesn’t need to shave the donor area. Techniques are simple, fast, almost painless and affordable, so any woman can get back the hair that they crave.

Injecting O2 into the face

The cells on our faces are taking in oxygen from the air all the time, and yet applying concentrated amounts of oxygen into the face has proven to work wonders for one’s complexion.

Through a process of exfoliating, oxygenating facials were once made famous by Madonna, but have come a long way since they initially broke onto the scene as a specialist celeb treatment.

Now, just about anyone can book an oxygenating facial treatment, with the aim of rejuvenating their face and getting a much more youthful-looking complexion. The entire procedure actually combines several trusted methods of skin replenishment, with Dr Smith of the ME Clinic claiming that oxygenating facials will only become more popular thanks to their proven results.

The world of women’s beauty is vast, with there being several new products claiming to be complete game-changers in their area. Even though you may not have encountered those shown above, they have all proven to be very effective treatments.

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