Blogging about beauty is something that drives Stephanie Fatta’s passion. She runs the site Beauty Brite, which launched in 2010. Since the blog launch, she has been helping women find the best beauty routine for themselves. Here is an exclusive interview with the woman behind the blog, Stephanie Fatta.

Credit Stephanie Fatta

Credit Stephanie Fatta

What do you write about for Beauty Brite?

We’re a family and lifestyle blog that offers stories and experiences from a wide variety of women and moms. We don’t shy away from different subjects here, so we love to write about new things. We offer honest reviews of beauty products, emphasizing aspects like cruelty-free, lifestyle, organic, health, and wellness. If something would be helpful to women, we try to include it!

Why did you decide to make the blog?

It was a long time in the making. I knew that I was passionate about beauty and being a mom, and engaging with other women. Forming Beauty Brite seemed like the perfect way to do that. When I formed the site in 2010, blogging was incredibly popular, even more so than many social media websites. While blogging has lost some writers, I think it’s still the perfect place to show my vision. Plus, since I started so early, I have thousands of loyal readers I’ve built up over time.

How has Beauty Brite grown over the years?

We started as a place to share homemade or DIY beauty recipes. Some of our most popular recipes included face masks, salt scrubs, sugar scrubs, toothpaste, and cleaning supplies. However, I eventually wanted to branch out since many women and moms don’t have enough time to make things from scratch. I started to review products that I bought and found online, and the rest is history.

Do you share these products with your own family?

I started the blog to find the right things to bring into my household, and I continue to find amazing things for my family as I research for the blog. My teenage son is autistic, so I started a section on the blog that focuses on the best products for children and teenagers with special needs. Writing about these products has helped me connect with my son and find the best ways to be an ally. 

If you’re looking for the perfect place to engage with other women and try new products, don’t wait any longer to check out Stephanie Fatta’s Beauty Brite!

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