It seems like everyone wants to be a YouTube video blogger these days. But it takes a person with special skills and abilities to make a successful YouTube blogging channel. You cannot just post up a few random videos each week and expect to attract a large following. YouTube doesn’t work that way.



A successful YouTube blogger is dedicated to their channel. They work hard on it every day to make it a success. If you don’t have the time, energy, and patience to devote to your YouTube channel, it will never be successful. And if you do possess these traits, you still need to get educated on how to attract a large following that will stay loyal to your channel.

Below are 7 great tips for success as a YouTube blogger.

1) Choose a Theme 

Your YouTube channel must have a particular theme. Even as a blogger, you cannot be successful if you’re merely pulling out your smartphone and recording yourself talking about random things every day. The content needs to be interesting and relatable to a particular target audience.

For example, many successful YouTube bloggers are foreign travelers. They might live in Japan or China and create videos about what life is like for a foreigner living in these countries. This theme would be interesting to anyone who wants to travel or has an interest in other cultures.

Think about what kind of theme you could use. If you’re more of a homebody and less of a traveler, you could talk about a particular topic of interest to you. Perhaps it could be a channel about politics, cooking, video gaming, or whatever else interests you. Try to stick to one theme per channel. If you want to talk about other topics, create a new YouTube channel for each of them.

2) Buy YouTube Subscribers

The most difficult thing about starting a new YouTube channel is trying to gain new subscribers. It can take some people several months or years just to add a few thousand subscribers to their channel.

If you don’t want to wait that long, you should buy YouTube subscribers upfront. People are more likely to subscribe to a YouTube channel if they see that it has a high number of subscribers. So, if you can purchase a few thousand subscribers to your YouTube channel, it won’t take long for organic subscribers to come after that.

3) Research Keywords

When people search for videos on YouTube, they type in keyword phrases to find the videos they want to see. You need to research the keywords of your niche and find out which ones are popular. Then add those keywords as tags to your videos, so people can find them in their searches. YouTube lets you add tags to every video that you upload.

You can find keywords in one of three ways. First, you can use a keyword planning tool to find relevant keywords on YouTube. The Google Keyword Planner is good for keyword research too because Google owns YouTube.

Second, you can type in a word in the YouTube search bar and look at all the popular keyword suggestions it gives you underneath. Write down those keywords and add them as tags to your videos.

Lastly, you can look at other YouTube blogging videos in your niche and see which keywords are in their descriptions. YouTube won’t let you see other people’s tags, but you can see the descriptions of their videos. Sometimes these descriptions have some strong keywords in them.

4) Promote Your Videos on Social Media

Don’t solely depend on YouTube to deliver all the traffic to your blogging videos. If you want to maximize traffic, you must promote your videos on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and all your other social media channels.

You don’t even need to redirect people to your YouTube page either. The videos can be embedded in your social media posts, so people can play them directly from your posts. If they like your content, they can click on the YouTube link of the video to visit your channel and click “Subscribe.”

If you get lucky, your blogging video might go viral on social media. That could potentially earn you many thousands of new subscribers just from one video. It doesn’t happen often, but it is wonderful when it does happen.

5) HD Video Quality

People don’t want to watch fuzzy and pixelated videos. It doesn’t mean you need to purchase an expensive digital camera, but it should at least generate HD video quality. Many of the newest smartphones have cameras with HD quality to them, so you might already have it. Otherwise, invest in a decent camera with 1080p or 4K video.

The video must look as good as possible. If you’re not knowledgeable of video editing software, such as Adobe Premiere or Final Cut Pro, then you should learn how to use them. These programs give you the ability to add filters and effects to enhance the visual quality of your videos.

6) Hook People at the Beginning of Your Videos

People have short attention spans. If you have a 10-minute+ video with some good content in it, do not expect your audience to sit through the entire video to find it. They might click off your video if the first two minutes are boring.

Therefore, you need to hook people at the beginning of your videos to keep them engaged. A “hook” is where you show brief clips of the most stunning content at the beginning of the videos. This will make people want to sit through the entire video to see the full context of the content that stunned them.

Do not concern yourself too much with long introductions and credits either. You can show a title screen for a few seconds, but don’t overdo it. And make sure the title screen is shown after the stunning content at the beginning.

7) Show Personality and Energy

If you look at other successful bloggers on YouTube, they all have one thing in common. They have an engaging personality filled with energy, excitement, and positivity. You need to bring these traits into your personality whenever you get on camera and record yourself for a video.

No one wants to see a sad and depressed person. It will turn away people quickly. If you’re a blogger who talks about real-life issues, try to maintain a positive personality so that other people can feel hopeful and encouraged rather than disappointed. Not everyone has a positive personality, so this will be difficult for some bloggers to do. But with practice, anything is possible.


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