“Hair never grows faster for women.” This is not a fact but an argument based on how common it is to hear women lamenting how slow their hair is growing, especially after having a drastic haircut. Hair grows at different rates for every person. Every person has different hair growth genes that inform the rate of growth. Some people are patient enough to wait for their hair to grow naturally, while others will go the extra mile to try to hasten the growth. You are probably reading this because you are looking for alternative ways to grow your hair faster. Gillian Garcia, a New York-based hairstylist, has been in the industry for decades and understands the different hair growth struggles people have.

Professional Hairstylist Gillian Garcia

Professional Hairstylist Gillian Garcia

Gillian Garcia is a professional hairstylist, educator, philanthropist, serial entrepreneur, and content creator. She was born in Trinidad and Tobago and moved to the US in search of greener pastures. She has a special love for doing hair and making women feel special. Her love for God and gospel music is evident in the gospel tunes that will inspire your day while at the salon. 

She has crafted her art to meet market demands and understands what her clients want. Her keen attention to detail in executing her work keeps clients knocking at her door. Gillian Garcia has packaged her brand to offer the best hairstyles and provide a healthy hair journey. 

Hair growth is among the common issues her clients raise, and she has been able to help them by reestablishing their confidence levels. Vitamins are always her first remedy as they are scientifically proved to hasten hair growth. Vitamins rich in B-complex are known to speed hair growth. Vitamins that contain inositol, biotin, and folic acid will promote hair growth. Gillian Garcia offers a special Aloe,Rosewater, lavender and tea tree that will help stimulate growth and block DHT build-up. 

Proteins are also essential for hair growth, and you should include them in all your meals if you seek to grow your hair fast. The hair itself is composed of more than 80% protein, and if you are consuming fewer proteins, your body may not have enough to supply the hair follicles.

Eliminating the factors that impede hair growth is also vital. Your hair can never grow faster if you are constantly losing hair. Surprisingly, most hair conditions arise as a result of previous medical remedies. You need to exercise extra caution when using any medication and note your body’s reaction. Seek another immediate remedy once you respond negatively to a medication. Remember if your body is unhealthy, so is your hair.

Gillian Garcia, urges her clients to adopt natural means of making your hair grow faster. And that’s why she uses pure oils checked for clarity and authenticity by their raw goods supplier in Canada before they are shipped to the US for blending. The natural blends found in Ju Poppin Growth oil and Ju Poppin Scalp healing mist are Gillian’s most popular products, courtesy of their composition of natural minerals.

You can check out her website for insights and client testimonials.



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