Fashion and Beauty on Female First

Fashion and Beauty on Female First

Follow these top tips for gorgeous hair:

Eat Well

We all know partying too much during the festive season and not eating properly will affect how your hair looks, but why? Trichologist Sally-Ann Tarver explains "Protein deficiency can cause slow growing, fine, dull, brittle hair. It is essential that women get at least 45 grams of complete protein a day. But, only 24 grams of protein can be absorbed in one sitting. Ensure you include some with each meal rather than having one big protein portion in the evening."

Damage Limitation

Over styling hair with straightening irons during the party season can leave hair a frazzled mess. Can heat protection sprays help though, Sally-Ann doesn't think so "Heat damage from straightening irons is largely caused by pockets of moisture trapped inside the hair-shaft, which rapidly turns to steam. The steam can't escape and tiny holes are blown through the cuticle, a condition known as 'Bubble Hair Syndrome."

"Weak areas form in the hair-shaft, leading to breakage and serious split ends. Unfortunately, the only way to prevent heat damage caused by straightening irons is to not use them, limit their use, use on the lowest heat setting and never ever use them on damp hair."

Stay Healthy

Have you ever wondered why your hair grows faster in the summer or when you are on holiday? Sally-Ann explains "The vitamin D you produce in your skin during sun exposure plays a part in keeping hair at optimum health. Nutritional deficiencies such as low iron, low B12 and Vitamin D can not only slow down hair growth, they can also cause hair thinning too."

She adds "Don't spend a fortune on expensive hair and nail supplements, as they will only help your hair health if you are replacing a nutrient you are lacking in. Instead buy individual vitamins that you are deficient in."

Condition, Condition, Condition

"Cold, dry air can cause the hair cuticle layer to lift, then going into a warm centrally heated environment takes all the moisture out of the hair, leaving it dry, frizzy and tricky to manage. Sally-Ann has this advice to revive dull winter hair into bouncy, shiny locks. Intensive conditioning masks used once a week will help and reduce the problem to a degree but it will not mend or give strength to hair that is already disintegrating. The only solution is to cut the damage portion off. Trim ends at least every three months to keep hair in good condition."

Hair Maintenance

Maintaining hair health has just got easier. How? You can now have Laser Phototherapy at home with, Theradome LH80 Laser Helmet - the latest hair growth gadget that has 80 custom-made lasers to flood the scalp, similar to a clinical laser therapy machine. Easy to use, you just put it on your head every other day for 20 minutes. Sally-Ann explains how it works "Laser Phototherapy stimulates blood circulation, nutrients and oxygen to the hair follicles and helps to produce stronger, healthier, faster growing hair."

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