It’s always fun to keep experimenting on new makeup look no matter what the occasion is. For a flawless look, mineral makeup approach is quite popular. It is time to ditch your traditional makeup to relish mineral wonders. Be mindful of one thing, not all mineral based beauty products are created alike.

Mineral Makeup

Mineral Makeup

What differentiates Mineral Makeup from the Traditional one is the presence of the main minerals such as iron and zinc oxides. Mineral Makeup is in limelight for a few key reasons. Its core ingredients are mentioned below:

ü  Organic Oils – To keep your lips glossy

ü  Titanium dioxide – Works as a natural sunscreen

ü  Iron oxides – For any skin tone and color

ü  Zinc oxide – Acts as an anti-oxidant

ü  Mica powders – For shimmering look

  • What is Mineral Makeup?

It is not a simple question to answer. Mineral makeup is composed of naturally-derived ingredients. It has been touted as a healthier option to protect your skin. It is popular for its breathable and natural feel. In a nutshell, minerals like zinc, titanium oxide, and iron oxides are micronized into tiny particles to create mineral makeup.

Pros and Cons –

Pros – Before buying, you must go through the ingredient label to prevent any side-effects. It contains less number of ingredients that won’t suit your skin type and can cause skin irritation.

Cons – For oily skin, mineral makeup doesn’t prove to be an ideal pick. It leaves your skin looking cakey. Its powder can absorb the oil in your skin. As a result, you will get a look slightly dark and clumpy.

Read on to find out why mineral makeup is considered the miracle makeup:

  • Mineral Makeup and Acne-Prone Skin

There are certain chemicals in Traditional Makeup that leads to acne breakouts and poor complexions. On the Contrary, Mineral Makeup works wonders and do not clog your skin pores. It is believed that mineral makeup helps to cure acne whereas it merely helps to prevent it. You can give a go to Mineral Plus Sheer Mineral Tint for a light makeup touch.

  • Mineral Makeup and Wrinkles

Usually, normal makeup comes in liquid or cream form. It is quite denser and heavier to use. For a better choice, you can apply loose powders for smoothing out fine lines and wrinkles. Prefer a mineral makeup to go from few to no fine line to stand out a bit more.

  • Mineral Makeup and Safety

There is no doubt in admitting the fact that mineral makeup is far better than traditional makeup. It is quite gentle to your skin and doesn’t contain any harmful chemicals, dyes, or fragrances. Yet, mineral makeup contains nano-particles that you can accidentally ingest. They are mostly found in loose powders and difficult to see. Inhalation of nano-particles can result in causing health risks, bronchial infections or lung cancer.

  • Mineral Makeup as an Effective Sunscreen

Mineral Makeup contains healthy ingredients like zinc and titanium oxide. Zinc protects the skin and titanium oxide acts as a sunscreen. To protect your skin from the harsh sun rays, mineral makeup proves to be really effective. Traditional makeup incorporates SPFs to protect your skin again the sun. It will be a wise move to go with mineral one as an effective pick. Make sure your beauty product has an SPF of more than 25.

  • Mineral Makeup and Variety

Misconceptions are meant to confuse buyers. It is a complete misconception that mineral makeup comes only in loose powdered form. Due to its limited variety, people choose to buy traditional makeup. Actually, it has come a long way since its original incarnation. You have so many choices to pick ranging from mineral bronzer to mineral lipstick. For a worthwhile investment, stay updated with a wide variety of mineral makeup to make your looks even more natural and exciting.

With so much growing desire for mineral makeup, women have started identifying themselves as having sensitive skin. To be precise, mineral makeup isn’t a miraculous object that will solve all your skin related issues. For some, traditional makeup does a good job while for some mineral makeup stands out. For me, the less ingredients are better.


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