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If you have an overflowing makeup brush collection it is time for a clear out, get rid of those old ones that you have had since you were in high school and throw away that brush that has been sitting at the bottom of your makeup bag for the last year. It is time to take care of those new brushes and increase the longevity of their performance and treat them like the gifts they are. I have some tips and tricks to help you get the most out of your brushes as we can sometimes neglect them which leaves our skin paying the price. 

Image credit: Unsplash

Image credit: Unsplash

Use the right brush for the right task

This sounds like the most obvious tip however it can be easy to use the wrong brush for the wrong task. If you are a first time makeup user opt for brushes which have the name of the brush on the side brands like Real Technique and Eco Tools are perfect for this as they come with details on the back on how to use them. Real Technique also have links to their YouTube so you can have a tutorial on how to use their brushes for the best effect. Keeping one brush for one product can help to make your brushes last longer and the product to be applied more accurately. 

Clean your brushes regularly 

This may seem like another obvious tip however it is not unusual for makeup users to not wash their brushes. I will admit that I may wash my brushes every month if I have the time, however this is a task that should be done every week if not every day. There are so many easy solutions to washing your brushes. You can use the age-old soap and water with a brush cleaning mat to get a deep clean, this is something you should do every week. For everyday cleaning you can get a brush cleaning spray which can be put on to the brush and wiped onto a cotton pad, this will remove the product and leave you with less work on the weekly deep clean. Cleaning your makeup brushes regularly helps to stop the spread of imperfections and spots, dirty makeup brushes only move the oil and dirt around the face creating a breeding ground of bacteria being put on day after day. 

Add a bit of spritz

If you do not already have setting spray in your makeup routine then you may want to rethink your decision. Setting spray is a great tool that fixes your makeup for hours, and can help with the application of makeup turning powders into liquids and replenishing dry and older gels you just cannot part with. When applying your eyeshadow to get the most pigment and create the most vibrant looks, add a small spritz to your brush before you dip into the palette as it helps the powder to stick to the brush and it also turns it into a gel which can help the makeup to pop. It also helps with application as the brush glides over the skin and makes it easier to blend in makeup. 

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Storing your brushes 

The way you pack up your brushes when you are not using them is extremely important as shoving your brushes into a drawer or bag can damage the bristles and make them less usable overtime. Having brushes in direct sunlight or out in the open can leave them becoming faded or a dumping ground for dust which is something you do not want to be gliding over your face. The best way to store your brushes is to invest in a brush roll so each tool has its own individual slot and it is delicately rolled away out of sunlight and away from the dust. If you want to maximise the longevity of your makeup brushes then keep the plastic cover which comes with them to help hold the shape.

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