When you're in the mood to find a new makeup look and go to the makeup counter of a department store, what’s the first emotion you feel? Although it should be excitement at the huge range facing you, I bet that’s not it. Like most people, you approach it with confusion, overwhelmed by the variety of colours laid out before you.

Fashion and Beauty on Female First

Fashion and Beauty on Female First

Even if you have a lot of experience with makeup, it’s completely normal to think to yourself: “There’s so many different shades! How do I know which one is right for me?”

Of course, that’s what beauticians are there for, but it’s not usually possible for a beauty squad to come to you every day and tend to your makeup needs. However, choosing the right colour to suit you is not as difficult as you might think. Here’s a little guidance:

Choosing the best colour of face makeup primarily depends on three factors:

  1. Your undertone
  2. Choosing the right shade
  3. The foundation’s true setting colour

Learn your undertone

There are three different types of undertone: warm, neutral and cool.

Choosing the right shade

When trying a foundation, swipe three different shades with the undertone that matches your skin type onto your neck or your décolleté. Your ideal colour will disappear into your skin.

Choosing your foundation this way will ensure that your overall foundation tone looks natural. It will blend seamlessly from your face to your neck and downwards, giving you the perfect natural “no makeup” look.

The foundation's true setting colour

Have you ever bought a foundation, only to find that it dries, or sets, darker than it looked when it was first applied? This will be a familiar experience to many women trying to find their ideal tone. The foundation ‘oxidises’ on your face, making your makeup more obvious than you want it to be.

To save time and money, I recommend testing your chosen shade of foundation over your whole face using a tester from the shop. You should keep it on for at least an hour to let it set in, then check the colour.

If the foundation still matches your décolleté and neck, then you will know that it sets true to the application colour and is probably your idea match! If it has changed colour, go back to the counter and choose a lighter shade.

Money saving tip

As the seasons change and we welcome the cooler months, fewer hours of sun means fairer skin for you. However, do not toss aside your summer foundation, even if it doesn’t suit your new skin tone!

Darker foundations can be repurposed and used for contouring. Apply a darker shade along your hairline and jawline to create a sculpted look.

If you have a few different shades of foundation, lighter tones can also be used to create more dimension. Apply them to highlight your T-Zone, cheekbones and brow bones. If you are really in a tight spot, you can also mix lighter and darker foundations to create a truly perfect match for your skin.

April Lui
April Lui

Time saving tip

Imagine waking up every morning, looking in the mirror and it is normal that you don’t have to pencil in your eyebrows, apply your eyeliner and lip makeup because it is already, all you need to do is pick out an outfit.

This is possible with permanent makeup, your makeup will be 100% waterproof and 100% smudge-proof for the next one to two years.

This means that whether you’re delivering a sales pitch or working up a sweat in yoga class, you can have peace of mind and always be confident in your appearance.

If you want to stay confident and put together, no matter what the weather or how long you snoozed your alarm for, permanent makeup may be the solution for you. Contact April today on 077 250 47821 for your free 30-minute consultation.

Good luck!

April Lui

Permanent Makeup Specialist

London Permanent Makeup

“This is April helping you to wake up with makeup”

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