Rachel Weisz

Rachel Weisz

Wow, what a difference a few weeks and a stylist makes! Rachel Weisz looked stunning in Cannes over the weekend, just weeks after appearing on our worst dressed list for the Met Ball Gala.

Looking slim, polished and chic in her Christian Dior dress, the gorgeous Ms. Weisz clearly took our advice and ditched the ghostly pale look and instead opted for pure radiance on the red carpet this time around.

We were completely horrified by Rachel's Met Ball appearance, as the Brit looked a shadow of her former self in an ill-fitting netted frock, complete with hideous accessories.

The biggest shock however, was her haggard appearance as the dark circles under her eyes made her look tired and washed out, not to mention her plum lipstick completely drained her complexion.

Speaking of which, her shiny face and birds nest of hair did her no favours either, so we were absolutely delighted to see pics of an altogether smarter Rachel at Cannes over the weekend.

What A Difference: Rachel Weisz at the Met Ball and Cannes

Beautifully styled hair, radiant skin and simple make-up made her glow on the red carpet, and her choice of gown was absolutely gorgeous too.

We'll admit we didn't think she could pull back from that fashion disaster a few weeks ago, but she surprised us on the night and she's now one of our new style crushes!

Her on-trend smoky eyes and pink lipstick complimented her glossy locks to perfection, and the emerald green colour of the gown really complimented her skin tone.

We love that she added a cheeky slit to the classy gown too, proving that she's not one to be written off just yet and still has bags of style talent to show off!

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