Anne Hathaway has a hack for making her lips look plumper.

Anne Hathaway reveals hack for lip plumping using a bizarre DIY tool

Anne Hathaway reveals hack for lip plumping using a bizarre DIY tool

The 'Devil Wears Prada' star, 41, presses a hair pin against her lips to get blood flowing through them to make them juicy.

Sharing her top tip on TikTok whilst shooting a new Shiseido campaign, she spilled: “I’ve been sat in a chair for a while, we get on set, and I took a look at the monitor, and I thought my upper lip looked just a little wilted.

“I sort of stimulated my lip to try and get some blood flow back there, to get some circulation.

"Everybody looked at me like I had three heads.”

However, the actress warned that you shouldn't push down for too long and quipped that it's "not a vampire LipTok".

She added: “You can overdo this; you can push too hard. It’s meant to be a gentle thing you don’t do longer than 30 seconds.

“Don’t stab yourself. If you’ve drawn blood, you’ve gone too far. It’s not a vampire LipTok. It's just a little something to wake your upper lip up.”

Meanwhile, Anne may not be a "fashion person" but she recently spoke of how "thrilled" she was to be one of the faces of Versace after shooting a new 'Icons' campaign alongside 'Oppenheimer' actor Cillian Murphy.

She told V magazine: "I have met so many Versace women who are powerful, emotionally available, ambitious, substantive, funny, fierce, loving, singular, sexy, smart, talented, generous, very much like Donatella [Versace].

"I have observed that a Versace Woman is herself. I am so thrilled and honoured to be considered a Versace Woman and am overjoyed to reunite with the Versace family for another Icons campaign."

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