Anne Hathaway is "thrilled" to be a "Versace woman" after shooting a new fashion campaign for the brand.

Anne Hathaway has collaborated with Versace on a new fashion campaign

Anne Hathaway has collaborated with Versace on a new fashion campaign

The Hollywood actress appears in a new 'Icon' advertising shots alongside fellow screen star Cillian Murphy and Anne has declared she's "overjoyed" to be a part of the company's latest looks.

She said: "I have met so many Versace women who are powerful, emotionally available, ambitious, substantive, funny, fierce, loving, singular, sexy, smart, talented, generous, very much like Donatella [Versace].

"I have observed that a Versace Woman is herself. I am so thrilled and honored to be considered a Versace Woman and am overjoyed to reunite with the Versace family for another Icons campaign."

Cillian went on to insist he was delighted to collaborate with Donatella Versace because he was given the opportunity to contribute. He added: "Collaborating with Donatella – from sharing image references to selecting the music of Fontaines D.C. for the video – resulted in a campaign that reflects who I am. The collection of well cut empowering designs made from great fabric suits me perfectly."

Donatella said of the campaign: "Strong, direct, iconic. For me, Anne and Cillian are two of the best actors of today. Exceptionally talented and kind people I admire and respect, looking their best. Very Versace."

The 'Icons' collection is described as "inventive, exquisitely made clothes that fit into people’s real life and everyday needs" with the statement adding: "This wardrobe remains consistent but unexpected through new developments of those iconic codes of Versace—whether immediately recognizable symbols like the Medusa, a signature silhouette, material, or body-conscious cut."