Ayesha Curry says skincare brands are lying when they say their products can "eradicate" problematic skin.

Ayesha Curry says skincare products can only keep problems at 'bay' not 'eradicate' them

Ayesha Curry says skincare products can only keep problems at 'bay' not 'eradicate' them

The 35-year-old actress and cooking television personality launched her own line, Sweet July Skin, launched last summer, and she insists it's only possible to keep things "at bay" not get rid of them permanently with skincare products.

She told Us Weekly: “I have super problematic skin and I know sometimes that’s genetics. I always will, but I can keep it at bay. “Our whole messaging is that [Sweet July Skin] can keep things at bay. Anybody that tells you that [their products] are going to eradicate is not true. You can keep things at bay. You can keep the skin calm. That’s what this does. It’s super clean, super gentle and nourishing.”

The ingredients in their products are all Caribbean superfoods in homage to her Jamaican roots.

She said: “I formulated this based on my Jamaican heritage, so it’s wrapped around Caribbean superfoods, and I quickly realised what you put in your body can also be used topically.

“We look at [Sweet July Skin] as recipes for the skin, and I literally reverse engineered these formulas by way of researching and getting in the kitchen and refreshing my memory on all of these superfoods that I heard about growing up. We as a team would then take that to our lab and be like, ‘Hey, this is what we want. This is what our research says is going to work."

The former 'Great American Baking Show' host added of their Vitamin C serum: “The base ingredient is soursop, which is this fruit that’s in indigenous makeup. I think it is 15,000 times more potent than an orange. I haven’t seen anything on the market using that. I just wouldn’t have ever known that if it were for my food background. I’m just so grateful.”