Bill Nighy only wears blue or black socks because of Sir Paul McCartney.

Bill Nighy doesn't wear colourful socks

Bill Nighy doesn't wear colourful socks

The 74-year-old actor explained the Beatles legend was an early influence on his style and he would never opt to cover his feet with something in a "crazy psychedelic" pattern, but he believes people by them as a way to break out from their "restrained" wardrobe in a small way.

He told Sunday Times Style magazine: “I read [McCartney] never wore anything other than dark blue or black socks and I’ve never worn anything else since.

“You look at all those crazy psychedelic ones and you wonder who wears them. I think they’re probably for people who wear restrained clothing and just want one little hint that there’s a human being in there somewhere.”

For his latest movie, supernatural thriller 'The First Omen', Bill was excited to receive "holy socks" as part of his costume.

He said: “I was dressed by the Vatican’s tailor. I play a cardinal. My grandfather would have been thrilled.

" I got given the full regalia, all the colours, in reds, crimsons, purple and white.

“Do you know there’s a Vatican sock shop? I was given holy socks — they’re probably blessed.”

Bill is a big fan of the Rolling Stones and he and the group's late drummer once enjoyed a chance encounter in London, where they admired each other's outfits.

He recalled: “I heard someone say my name. I turned around and it was Charlie wearing a bespoke arrangement that was just impeccable — an overcoat, a suit, a shirt and a collar with a bar through it.

"He reached out and felt my lapel and said, ‘You’re an actor, you’re supposed to be skint,’ and I said, ‘Well, yeah, things looked up.’”

The 'Love Actually' actor particularly enjoys "a decent lounge suit" when it comes to his own wardrobe.

He said: “I am absolutely not a Mayfair Michael. I tend towards something more Italian. I’ve always had a fetish for a decent lounge suit."