Dame Anna Wintour wants the next UK prime minister to take fashion seriously.

Dame Anna Wintour is adamant politics needs to meet fashion

Dame Anna Wintour is adamant politics needs to meet fashion

The legendary Vogue editor has weighed in on politics ahead of Britain's general election on July 4 and she's insisted that whoever ends up in Number 10 Downing Street must acknowledge the important role the fashion industry plays in the British economy and give the right support.

She told the Guardian: "I have not read what I assume will be the next prime minister’s stand on the arts but hopefully he can be convinced to support not only the arts organisations but also fashion in this country, which is such an important part of the economy ...

"Over the years I have seen prime ministers host events at Downing Street and say a lot of the right things but I’m not sure how knowledgable they are about how many jobs the fashion industry creates in this country or how important it is to [London] in so many different ways.

"So I’m hoping whoever the next prime minister is will be very open to it ... we can all lobby the government to do more".

Anna went on to talk about the fusion of sport and fashion - seen in this summer's 'tenniscore' trend - insisting the two areas have always been intertwined.

She explained: "It’s interesting over the years that I’ve worked with Vogue to see how sport has infiltrated really all of fashion. At Vogue we always embraced the world of sport and integrated it with the world of fashion just as we have done with musicians and theatre and film.

"I think fashion is so inclusive today and athletes are global superstars of today and tomorrow. It’s the right timing."