Amanda Tori Meating listens to funeral music when taking her makeup off.

Amanda Tori Meating listens to funeral music when removing makeup

Amanda Tori Meating listens to funeral music when removing makeup

The 26-year-old drag performer - whose real name is Philip Stock - appeared in the sixteenth season of ‘RuPaul’s Drag Race’ and grives for "beauty" when it is time for the makeup to come off.

Speaking to Allure, Amanda said: “Every time I get out of drag, I play music that's like a funeral dirge. I really lament in saying goodbye to the beauty.

“I love Albolene, I just rub it everywhere so I look crazy — my face could be pink from the lipstick and the eye shadow. Then I hop in the shower and wash it all off.”

Amanda often spends hours applying makeup but loves the process of the transformation.

Amanda said: “I take a very long time to do makeup because I like to luxuriate in the process. I try to give myself a minimum of three hours because I like to put on some music, drink a little wine.”

The drag star has been on a “makeup journey”, and emphasised is still trying to "figure out" a personal style.

Amanda said: “I've been on a makeup journey, so I'm figuring out what [eye makeup] shapes I love at the moment.

“But I love something that's soft in the center and snatches out at the end. The only way you can be good at it is spending a million hours in front of a mirror and then having other people tell you that that work was for nothing so you have to spend another million.

“I love having nails on all the time. [I’m wearing] gloves with nails on them, which I do love, but I have acrylics on underneath. [I ask for] whatever I'm feeling that day, but usually it's going to be a stiletto tip. I've been very into black nail polish with a little glitter on the tip.

“It's not a visual aspect of the beauty routine, but I never leave the house without my Lady Gaga perfume.”

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