Dame Joan Collins will "never" have any cosmetic work done.

Dame Joan Collins will never have any cosmetic work done

Dame Joan Collins will never have any cosmetic work done

The 90-year-old actress tries to take "very good care" of her complexion but claims to still have the face she was born with and doesn't want to undergo any kind of plastic surgery as she insisted that she has not taken up any of the newfangled methods of retaining youth that she constantly reads about.

She told E! News: "I don't want anything near my face. I still have the face I was born with. I take very good care of my skin, but I don't do all those things I keep reading about."

The 'Dynasty' legend - who has Tara, 60, and Alexander,58, with ex-husband Anthony Newley as well as 51-year-old Katyana with her ex-husband Ron Kass - previously insisted that she is scared of the idea of needles going near her face and simply follows in the footsteps of her mother, who encouraged her to utlitlise simple moisturizers and night creams.

She told The Guardian: "I’ve had nothing done. I couldn’t do all that. First of all, I’m needle-phobic. It was my mother who told me to moisturise and use night cream. I told my two girls and both of them have fabulous skin. And stay out of the sun!"

In fact, Joan - who has been married to producer Percy Gibson, 59, since 2002 - believes there is "far too much fuss" about ageing altogether.

She said: "I’m 60… plus however many years. There’s far too much fuss about ageing. You see people in their 90s and 100s doing amazing things – running and jumping on Instagram – there’s no reason to fall apart. I do my stretching exercises each morning and I have a trainer on Zoom three times a week."

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