Emma Roberts says “fragrance has always played a big role” in her life.

Emma Roberts loves perfume

Emma Roberts loves perfume

The ‘Wild Child’ star - and new face of Hugo Boss’ Boss Alive - recalled as a child that she was “desperate” to have a “signature scent”.

The 31-year-old actress told Marie Claire: “Fragrance has always played a big role for me. Even since I was a kid, I remember being desperate to have a signature scent when I was older. I always thought that was just so chic – the way that my mom would smell or other friends’ moms. It felt very adult and cool to have a scent. So when I was asked to be the face of BOSS ALIVE, I was so excited because my signature scent had been chosen for me and it was an amazing one. When we first started working together, BOSS ALIVE had notes of vanilla in it – it was just so me and it came in this gorgeous pink bottle. And now with BOSS ALIVE Intense, I have two different scents so I can alternate. This one has raspberry and vetiver and I’ve always loved vetiver notes in perfume. Plus again, it has a gorgeous bottle that I get to look at on my vanity. It says “ALIVE” and it makes me smile every time I look at it – I love that messaging.”

The former ‘Scream Queens’ star loves that the the shoot for the perfume was “not photoshopped” and “very natural”.

Emma said: “Those qualities are so important to me. What I loved about this campaign is that it was not photoshopped – it was very natural. The photographer, Collier, who is one of my favourite photographers, really wanted to capture each of us girls as who we are – feeling confident and having fun, and I just absolutely loved that. Sometimes you see ads and you don’t even recognise the people in them, so I loved that BOSS was allowing us to really bring ourselves to this campaign. And it made me feel confident that they wanted me to look and feel like myself. I just love that messaging and I was really honoured to get to be a part of it, even more so knowing that the campaign was making people feel like themselves and feel confident. I’ve always thought that the prettiest person in the room is not necessary wearing the most expensive outfit or the most make up, it’s the person that is the most confident and lively. So I love that we’re bringing that messaging forward with the BOSS ALIVE campaign.”

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