Florence Pugh doesn’t care about the branding of her clothes.

Florence Pugh doesn't care where her clothes are from

Florence Pugh doesn't care where her clothes are from

The ‘Midsommar’ star - who is the face of American apparel brand J. Crew's The Art of Getting Dressed campaign - is known to sport designer labels on the red carpet but insisted all that matters is the garments she wears make her “feel good".

The 26-year-old actress told Elle.com: “You know what? I wish it did.

“I've been able to adapt to my grown-up lifestyle with my ability to wear certain brands, but I've known from a very young age that it didn't really matter where [the clothes] were from as long as it made me feel good and looked right.”

The actress - who recently underwent a major hair transformation from long locks to a pixie-cut hairdo - also revealed she is a chameleon when it comes to fashion and wants her style to change "every day".

She continued: “I don't [look] the same way every single day. I am too greedy for that. I want to be everything, and I want to look like everything, and I want to change my personality every single day.”

The ‘Little Women’ star believes that people feel “safe” in J.Crew.

She said: “Every single person I spoke to has had J.Crew items in their wardrobe for the last 10 years, five years, whatever. They dress their children [in it]. It's a brand that people feel safe with because it understands their shape and their mood and who they are today.”

Florence also praised fellow actresses Cynthia Erivo, 35, and Tessa Thompson, 38, for being "daring" with their ensembles.

She said: “I think [Erivo's style] is so daring. My stylist always says ‘Fashion is there to be fun.’ And for me, Cynthia Erivo is definitely someone that never holds back ... Same for Tessa Thompson. I mean, you cannot put one of her red carpets next to the other and say that it's the same person coming out.”

The ‘Black Widow’ star added how she takes “inspiration” from anyone she admires sartorially.

Florence said: “When I meet someone that I love the look of, I do definitely take inspiration from them. I take inspiration from the color of their clothes, from their nails. It's something that I don't mind adapting to. But I never completely clone them.”