Hayley Kiyoko dresses for comfort but loves to wear clashing patterns and colours.

Hayley Kiyoko loves to wear what makes her feel comfortable and confident

Hayley Kiyoko loves to wear what makes her feel comfortable and confident

The 33-year-old actress and singer - who has teamed up with Taco Bell and Wildfang to launch a limited-edition coverall - wants her fans to love themselves and wear clothing that makes them feel "the most confident".

Hayley is not a fan of carrying a handbag so she likes to wear clothing with pockets, and she confessed that she loves the "denim on denim look" that was fashionable in the 90s and noughties.

She told 'Entertainment Tonight': "My style is elevated casual and very geared towards feeling comfortable. … I normally gravitate towards wearing pieces that feel unique.

"I consider myself a pocket queen. I don't normally carry a big purse, so the more options I have to hold my important items, the better … I also love a sock and sandal or a denim on denim moment and mixing and matching patterns, colours and textures.

"I never leave home without a jacket or hoodie — layering is key and gives your look versatility throughout the day. … Also never underestimate the power of double-sided tape!"

Her one fashion tip is: "Wear whatever makes you feel the most confident. … Confidence is your best asset."

The 'Girls Like Girls' singer previously admitted that she has been torn between dressing in a feminine or masculine way but ultimately decided that beauty is within and she now has the confidence to wear whatever she wants.

Hayley told Allure in 2019: "I've definitely struggled with defining beauty and what that means on the scale of femininity and masculinity. It's OK to want to dress feminine one day and masculine another day.

"Beauty is within. Beauty is about confidence and embracing who you are. That's something that took me a long time growing up to see, 'Oh, it's about how I feel, and being comfortable in my own skin.'"