Isabel Marant wanted her L'Oreal Paris beauty collaboration to be made up of "practical" products for busy women.

Isabel Marant (Right) at Paris Fashion Week

Isabel Marant (Right) at Paris Fashion Week

The 51-year-old French designer is most famous for creating her eponymous clothing and shoe label and has dressed stars such as Kate Moss, Rachel Weisz and presenter Alexa Chung and she has now teamed up with the cosmetics company to create a new line of beauty essentials.

Isabel approached the range the same way as she would when creating garments and was fully focused on coming up with makeup which can be used on the go such as lipsticks, eye shadow and mascara.

Speaking to Vogue UK, she said: "For this collection, the question I asked myself was the same as when I design clothes, 'What do I want to wear? What do I need that I don't already have?' And the answer is makeup that's effortless because we're all on the go. "Who goes back at home to change after a long day of work? I wanted to create products that are practical. That can be applied on the go. Products that are small enough to take with you anywhere, any time. And also what was important to me was that each of these is multi-purpose."

Explaining which products she definitely wanted to create, she added: "Exactly what I want in my make-up bag. The essential products for every day, for life on the go. I approached this make-up collection in the same way I design my ready-to-wear collections: to be wearable anytime, anywhere. For me, Parisian cool is not about social media perfection, it is a natural elegance.

"Super-natural for day, then statement updates for night with a dark eye or a bright red lip. But never both at the same time. And always worn with a slight offbeat edge. Imperfection has a charm all its own. A makeup embracing your own personality I would say, understated not overdone. We've made the tones and the shades for natural looks: a nude lipstick, transparent mascara, a cheek tint for a flush that looks healthy and natural."

Isabel didn't want any of her makeup range to be too bold or over-powering and instead wanted the products to enhance each women's natural elegance.

She said: "This collection is about getting ready: getting ready for a special day or getting ready for a party, the essentials to have always in your bag but still embracing yourself. Essentials that aren't about creating an entirely new look but giving elegance to the look you have."