Jeremy Allen White "didn't see" himself as a Calvin Klein model.

Jeremy Allen White is the new face of Calvin Klein

Jeremy Allen White is the new face of Calvin Klein

The 'Bear' actor has stripped to his underwear to pose for the brand's new Spring 2024 campaign and he was amazed to be chosen to appear on giant billboards, photographed by Mert Alas.

He told GQ magazine: "You couldn't help but look at the [Calvin Klein] billboard [in Manhattan]. It's so massive. I always associated it – and still associate it – with New York City itself.

“They've done such a beautiful job with these campaigns for so long. They always get really interesting people....

“I didn't see this in my future necessarily. Who grows up thinking, Yeah, I'll be in a Calvin Klein campaign?”

Jeremy told the outlet he ran, jumped rope and did calisthenics, as well as ate a lot of fish, to prepare to strip tohis underwear for the shoot - but the week before he fell ill with "a chest thing".

However, the actor still crammed in a last-minute run and numerous push-ups the night before he stepped in front of the camera.

And Jeremy joked his role as wrestler Kerry Von Erich in 'The Iron Claw' helped prepare him for the photoshoot.

He said: “I was used to running around in front of large groups of people in my underwear because of ['The Iron Claw']. So maybe there was some mental and emotional prep from that job.”

But the 34-year-old star still had "real imposter syndrome" and felt very anxious before the photoshoot.

He said: “In my head, I was just like, I can't see myself on a billboard. I shouldn't be here.

“Just real imposter syndrome.”

His favourite shot from the campaign is a black and white image, in which he donned one of Calvin Klein's signature white tees.

Asked which image he likes most, he said: “There's a shot where I'm wearing, I guess, more clothes. They have really great thin white tees.”

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